Top Instagram tools for Business

Instagram is a great platform for promoting one’s business – there is no doubt about it. However you need to learn a couple of things to make most of Instagram for business. For example, managing one’s account as a team might not be straightforward, another thing is that Instagram allows posting pictures only from a mobile device. Luckily, there are third-party tools for Instagram that can make your life much easier.

Instagram for business

Let us have a look at them:

Uplet – conveniently upload Instagram from Mac

This Instagram photo uploader allows posting multiple images at once directly from Mac. Say, if you run an online store, batch Instagram upload from Mac is a great time saver, besides you can use a full-fledged keyboard to enter descriptions for each of your items.

SocialRank – know more about your followers

Identifying your followers can prove to be of great value, and this is what SocialRank does. One of the best marketing tools, it pulls profiles of all your followers, sorts, filters and organizes them. You can also create custom lists of your followers, save and export them in a variety of formats.

Social Insight – watch your growth

Want to know when it is the best time to post? Social Insight will tell you – based on the post history and account engagement. This analytical tool provides you with data such as average and maximum post engagement, most engaging filters, etc.

Crowdfire – grow the number of your followers

With Crowdfire you can follow those who are potentially interested in what you are offering and unfollow those who are unlikely to respond to you. You also get to see who unfollowed you. – automate image posting from various devices

You can set up time for your posts, once it reaches the scheduled time, you’ll be asked to approve the post. can look up certain content for you online.

Repost – share existing posts on Instagram

You can bookmark pictures and repost them later, search content. Posting a picture or video and crediting the author is done in a single tap.

Soldsie – a must-have tool for e-commerce

Showcasing your content can be done with the help of your bio link, your photos can be linked to the content looked up by your followers. The tool can deploy a ready-to-use cart that syncs with your product posts on Instagram.

Facebook Power Editor – make use of ‘sponsored’ posts

The tool helps you target the right kind of audience taking into consideration location, age, hobbies, etc. These posts would have an action button. Pricing for these sponsored posts is flexible, you can always choose the scheme that suits you best.

Instagram is certainly the leader among the numerous social media sites, and businesses that ignore it are doomed to fall behind their competitors. Make sure to make most of Instagram for marketing – the best Instagram tools listed above will help you make your presence felt.


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