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Custom solutions tailored for your business

in the field of USB and serial port virtualization and remote access

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology by Electronic Team

For over 15 years we have been developing and implementing Serial, USB, and network solutions that work over any distance and on various operating systems. This gives our clients much needed flexibility in developing their own software and hardware solutions with our technology.
We work with USB and Serial ports
We work with USB and Serial ports
Compatible with TCP/IP, RDP, Citrix, UDP
Compatible with TCP/IP, RDP, Citrix, UDP
Integrate as: DLL, ActiveX or Core level usage
Integrate as: DLL, ActiveX or Core level usage
Multiplatform Solution
Multiplatform Solution

The unique ability to virtualize Serial ports and access remote USB devices

Usage scenarios

Electronic Team Port Virtualization (EPV) Technology allows versatile implementation of port technologies into your product. Here are just some of possible usage scenarios (don't limit yourself with these though!)
  • Create virtual serial ports in the system
  • Work with remote USB and COM-port devices on the local network and Internet
  • Implement our software technology within your hardware solution
  • Switch from hardware to software minimizing your expenses significantly
  • Make devices available in virtual environment and on blade servers
  • Support the devices over RDP when the devices are not supported out of the box
  • Monitor and analyze all data flows among serial ports

Why EPV Technology is the top choice for many

Our technology uses high-level encryption for data transfer to keep it absolutely safe until it reaches its destination.

We've got thousands of content customers who integrated our solution with their software and hardware products, which solved thousands of tech tasks and maximised the efficiency.

We never stop creating, improving, setting higher goals for our creations. You will constantly get updates with new features and improvements.

Dedicated support team will lead you from the decision on the package to purchase and till the smooth implementation into your product.


  • Virtualize the company's infrastructure based on RS232 communication over Ethernet.
  • Develop a wide variety of Serial to Ethernet devices.
  • Make USB-based measurement devices available over network and on virtual machines.
Usage scenarios

EPVT uses in different fields

Our technology is designed to widen your possibilities for working with USB and serial ports. The advanced EPVT features include:
Remote access to serial ports
Simultaneous access to a shared serial port
Redirecting USB ports to a cloud
GPS data splitting
Remote OBD support with hardware module

Powered by EPV Technology

EPV Technology is rather flexible. Let us know what you need and we'll work out the most cost-efficient and suitable package for you.


Access and manage remote USB and COM port devices

USB Network Gate

Share your USB device with others over LAN or Internet

Serial to Ethernet Connector

Share serial port devices over network

Virtual Serial Port Driver

Share your USB device with others over LAN or Internet

Serial Port Monitor

Monitor Serial ports and analyze COM port activity


Remote Customer Support

Our customers’ experience

See the most interesting use cases of EPVT implementation
Thanks to EPVT, we’re able to forward serial data (over LAN or the Internet) to our server software which redirects the received data to our real-time viewing software. We’ve tested the drivers on several different Windows versions and had no problem with their installation and use.
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We rely on EPVT to make our solutions compatible with so-called standard in HAM radio equipment. Communications between various HAM radio software and hardware are still based on serial connections. The Port Virtualization Technology helps us develop new-era devices able to support software/equipment manufactured more than 20 years ago.
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Integrated into our cloud platform, EPVT makes it possible to redirect a wide range of gaming devices, like USB controllers, webcams, 3D mice, etc., from a user computer to our cloud infrastructure.
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We needed a solution to provide our 16-port Serial to Ethernet device with the remote access functionality. EPVT allowed making remote Ethernet serial ports appear as local virtual COM ports on any client computer. With EPVT, our customers can access these virtual serial ports as Unix stream I/O ports on Solaris 10 64-bit.
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Flexible licensing

We offer flexible and affordable licensing models that adapt with a wide range of technology deployment scenarios. Depending on the license type, you can be granted the rights for:
EPVT SDK integration
Integrate EPVT SDK into your own software or hardware solutions and redistribute it as an integral part of your own product.
Implementation of the source code
Receive all extensively commented programming source code and implement it in your project with the help of our leading developers.
Company-wide use
Utilize EPVT-based solutions on an unlimited number of computers throughout your organization. This is especially convenient if your company has representation offices in the different parts of the world.
EPVT redistribution
Redistribute EPVT-powered software with the original GUI or customize the software GUI according to your requirements, etc.
Get the best fit
Let us know what you need and we'll work out the most cost-efficient and suitable package for you.

Cross-platform integration

Works with a variety of protocols and offers various ways of data transfer
Cross-platform integration
Range of platforms
• Mac • iOS
• Windows • Android
• Linux • Embedded system
Programming languages
• C++ • Python • CSS
• Objective-C • PHP • Java
• Swift
Custom solution for your company needs
Our team is ready to hear your vision and specific needs to create a uniquely shaped solution that will be perfect for your development.
  • Full-cycle research and development, customization, white-labeling and project management
  • Further technical assistance, project integration and quality assurance
15 1M
years on market clients worldwide

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