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Cloud computing technology – USB access integration

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 11, 2019
Cloud computing is an efficient way to store and process data on the Internet. With the growing number of users and companies relying on innovative solutions to increase their productivity, cloud computing has now become an important part of people’s everyday life. Instead of building and maintaining their own computing infrastructure, large enterprises as well as single users tend to choose a flexible software model provided by a cloud service. Looking for the scalability and agility that a cloud solution can offer, customers usually find them either in a privately owned cloud or a third-party server.

One of the key advantages of a cloud OS is that it does not require any additional settings, all the functionality of the selected operating system is available directly in the browser. The use of a cloud OS significantly improves the effectiveness of work and leads to reduction of expenses, as it eliminates the need for additional computers with particular configuration.
Access devices in the cloud

A common problem faced by cloud platform subscribers:

The problem, however, arises when a user needs to access their local USB devices from a cloud infrastructure, and that becomes challenging. If a customer wants to get information from a local USB or RS232 device while working in the cloud OS, they face a serious problem. A cloud PC cannot see devices connected to a user’s host machine, so accessing the peripherals’ functionality doesn’t seem possible in this case. That means, cloud infrastructure customers can neither manage their valuable devices like a 3D mouse, a game controller, etc., nor send any documents to print. To extend the functionality of a cloud operating system and make it fully functional for the end user, the technology of remote access to local USB devices should be integrated into the core of a cloud platform.

The optimal solution for USB passthrough in the Cloud:

That’s where Electronic Team Port Virtualization (EPV) Technology comes into play. The Technology provides users with the ability to make any local USB or serial device available for access from a cloud PC. The cloud platform, in turn, will recognize the devices like they were connected to the system physically so that the end user won’t be able to tell the difference.

Cloud OS remote access integration

Comparing a cloud service provider offering the USB pass-through support against the one without it, a user would naturally select the cloud solution that is capable of forwarding local USB peripherals to its infrastructure. This way, by implementing the USB virtualization technology in the cloud OS, the service gains obvious advantage over its competitors.

Clear benefits the EPV Technology brings:

  1. Complete support of USB device redirection.
    A cloud platform gets the ability to forward any USB peripheral from a user local machine to the cloud with super low latency.
  2. User experience improvement.
    Providing customers with an effortless way to access their cloud USB devices, a cloud infrastructure significantly improves user experience this way attracting more subscribers and significantly increasing revenue for the company.
  3. Multiple platform support.
    The Port Virtualization Technology developed by Electronic Team can be integrated into any cloud solution requiring USB pass-through support, like VR, VDI, SECaaS, IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, or PaaS.
With the help of EPV Technology, the cloud computing platform redirects USB devices from user’s local computer to its virtual machines.


Thanks to Electronic Team’s Port Virtualization Technology, this cloud solution is able to forward a wide range of gamers’ USB devices (USB controllers, webcams, 3D mice, and many other) to virtual computers of the platform.


The cloud service provides its customers with the USB pass-through support based on the EPV Technology that makes it possible to redirect local VR peripherals and other USB devices right to the cloud.

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