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Empower Your Cloud Platform with USB Passthrough technology

Are you grappling with the challenge of accessing USB devices in the cloud? USB Network Gate SDK/OEM from Electronic Team offers a robust solution, enabling seamless USB integration into your cloud OS environment. Say goodbye to compatibility headaches and hello to effortless USB connectivity.

Empower Your Cloud Platform with USB Passthrough technology

Understanding the USB Access Challenge in the Cloud

Problems accessing USB in the cloud
Accessing USB devices from the cloud presents a significant hurdle for various industries and fields. Businesses relying on cloud-based infrastructure often encounter difficulties connecting USB peripherals remotely. This challenge is particularly prevalent for devices such as:

Printers and

Cloud users frequently encounter issues when attempting to print documents or scan files directly from their cloud OS. Traditional methods of USB connection do not translate seamlessly into the cloud environment, leading to frustration and inefficiency.


Healthcare professionals require remote access to a variety of USB-based medical equipment, including patient monitors, ECG machines, and ultrasound devices. However, the secure and efficient integration of these critical devices into cloud-based systems remains a significant challenge.

Industrial Sensors
and Cameras:

Manufacturing facilities rely on USB sensors and cameras for real-time monitoring and quality control. Yet, the inability to seamlessly connect these devices to the cloud impedes data collection and analysis, hindering operational efficiency.

USB Network Gate is the solution for this issue

It can be installed separately and help with USB to Cloud passthrough, or the technology can be integrated to the Cloud OS, so it will increase the benefits of particular cloud desktop, and will make your clients happy.

Addressing the USB to Cloud Access Dilemma

USB Network Gate SDK/OEM offers a viable solution to the USB access challenge in the cloud. By leveraging our SDK/OEM solution, businesses and organizations can overcome compatibility barriers and seamlessly integrate USB devices into their cloud-based workflows. Key features include:

Effortless USB to
Cloud Connectivity:

The users of applications or services that integrate our USB to cloud passthrough technology will not need to bother with drivers or complex setup to use this functionality.


With IDEs available for all popular desktop operating systems, plenty of documentation, and active support, developers will face no obstacles when using the USB Network Gate SDK/OEM.

Enhanced User

By seamlessly integrating USB passthrough technology into your cloud platform, you can enhance user productivity and streamline workflow efficiency. Users can access their USB devices from anywhere, at any time, without disruption.

Why Choose Electronic Team?

Many companies have already successfully utilized our cloud USB technology. The USB Network Gate SDK/OEM has been used for cloud desktop services, ranging from workspace providers to gaming platforms.

Here are some reviews from our clients:
With the help of USB to Cloud Technology, the cloud computing platform redirects USB devices from the user’s local computer to its virtual machines.
Thanks to Electronic Team’s Port Virtualization Technology, this cloud solution can forward a wide range of gamers’ USB devices (USB controllers, webcams, 3D mice, and many others) to the virtual computers of the platform.
Scalable GraphicsScalable Graphics
The cloud service provides its customers with USB pass-through support based on the USB to Cloud Technology, which makes it possible to redirect local VR peripherals and other USB devices to the cloud.

Ready to Transform Your Cloud Platform?

Get all the assets you need to integrate USB to Cloud capability into your projects. We’ve created the USB Network Gate SDK/OEM to be as developer-friendly as possible, with helpful learning materials and all available information. Start using it now, and improve your cloud solution.