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Custom Software Development by
Eltima Software

There are many reasons why your organization may need to have some custom software developed. You may want to incorporate some specific functionality into your own software product and find that the best route to a successful project is to employ programmers who specialize in a certain programming discipline. Another instance is where you have an idea for a software tool, but do not have the resources or knowledge in your organization to effectively take on the task. Integrating your software application into a larger networked landscape can also pose problems that can be solved by reaching out to a custom software development company that has experience in resolving networking and connectivity issues.

Custom Software Development

What is Custom Software Development?

Simply put, custom software development is a process in which you use a software development organization to assist you and your in-house team to successfully complete your project. You engage a company that will listen to your needs and works with you to develop a project plan to implement your ideas. Ideally, this company would be able to jump in and help resolve the issues you are facing, or take your specifications and create the software solution that you envision from scratch.

Perhaps your team has extensive experience implementing programs on the Apple OS X platform but needs some help getting your product to work properly when running on a Windows machine. Your team may have come up with a new and promising monitoring package for your production facility, but be hampered by problems in the networking aspect of the enterprise. You may need to write some routines in a programming language that no one in your company has used before. These are just a few instances where custom software development services can be instrumental in the successful launch of your application.

What to Look For In a Custom Software Development Partner

When looking for the right fit in a custom software development organization, there are some factors that are important for you to review. Among them are:

  • Experience - You want a company that has been successfully performing custom software development for some time. They will know what questions to ask to ensure that your specifications are met, and will be able to give you some solid estimates on the time and resources required to get your job done.
  • Track record - Your software development company should be able to point to other successful implementations of projects that are similar in scope to your proposal.
  • Area of specialization - This could be the most critical factor in choosing a company for custom software application development. Software development is a complex task with many interrelated parts. You want your developer to have the skill set required to quickly and effectively bring your project to completion.

Eltima Offers Custom Software Development

Eltima Software can meet all of your custom software development needs. They have been providing quality development services for over 15 years and have many satisfied customers. Eltima can assist with a problem that you have encountered with your application development or design and implement a custom solution for you based on your requirements and specifications.

Eltima’s technicians have experience working with many platforms, including:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Embedded Systems

This range of experience enables them to assist your software development no matter what platform you are using for development or targeting for implementation.

The developers at Eltima also have skills in many programming languages and will employ those skills to create the custom solution you need. Whether you need programming help in C, C++, PHP, Java, or CSS among others, the experts at Eltima have you covered.

One of Eltima Software’s specialties is in integrating their Port Virtualization Technology into a wide range of applications that use serial or USB ports and devices to transmit data. This technology offers features that can be incorporated into your application and can lead to benefits such as:

  • Remote access to COM and USB ports
  • Redirection of USB port traffic to the could
  • Creation of Virtual COM ports
  • GPS data splitting
  • Sharing of a serial port among multiple applications simultaneously

Eltima has used this technology in many of their own products as well as in creating custom solutions for their clients. Their expertise in this area is unmatched, and assimilating their technical prowess into your software development vision takes advantage of a proven team that will deliver a quality, finished product.

If you are looking for a custom software development partner, you owe it to yourself to contact Eltima service today and see how they can help you attain your development goals.