Operate USB and COM-based feeding equipment remotely

Electronic Team Virtualization Technology will let you access and manage remote feeding systems over the Internet.

Common problem faced by feeding system developers today

Remote access and control over automated feeding equipment have become a complicated task for developers of modern farm systems.
In order to make farm equipment talk to each other and to the control software over the network, developers need to use a special wireless data transfer technology. It is the dedicated network technology that can make it possible to operate multiple remote farm machines and devices (like automatic mixers, food dispensers, feeding modules, robots, etc.) from a single point of control. In case a developer is missing this exact technology, the creation of a fully automated feeding system may become a real challenge.

The simplest solution to provide a feeding system with remote access capabilities

Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) is an advanced network solution that can be easily integrated into software and hardware components of feeding systems. The technology allows full automation of farm equipment including feeding and health management machines. Thanks to EPVT, all serial devices connected to a single farm network can be redirected to the central data server. No matter how far the feeding equipment is located, it will appear in a remote computer as though it were physically attached to that machine.

With Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology, farm management software will be able to collect and process data from multiple automated feeding modules at a time. In case each feeding equipment module is controlled by a separate software program, the technology will allow redirecting data from all of the control applications to a single program so that a farmer can manage the apps and equipment remotely.

The key advantages of integrating EPVT into automated feeding systems.

By implementing Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology in your solution, you create a unique product able to completely automate farm feeding operations. The competitive advantage that you gain with EPVT brings benefits to all of your customers:
Cost cutting

Cost cutting

With the technology of remote access to feeding equipment, farmers get the ability to manage automated feeding systems over the network, which allows bringing down the cost of human resources.
Complete farm system automation

Complete farm system automation

Integrated into feeding systems, the port redirection technology will improve production processes, enhance productivity and profitability.
Farm equipment control

Farm equipment control from one point

Remote access technology allows operating feeding equipment and tracking its condition from any location. Your customers will be able to control the time and frequency of feed distribution, the composition of the mixture for group feeding, etc.
The ease of integration and use

The ease of integration and use

The technology can be built into any OS and customized for any specific needs of a farm system. EPVT will become a part of your own system and will make your solution more attractive on the market.
Ready to reap the benefits of Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology?
Feedlot Health Management Services

Multiple farm devices communicate data with a special farm management software via serial ports. The software monitors, logs, and programs the activity of the connected farm equipment. Some devices, however, cannot be attached directly to the server running the software, as they are located too far from the server machine.

Electronic Team Port Redirection Technology allowed creating multiple virtual COM interfaces in the server computer this way making it possible to connect all the required feeding machines and devices to the controlling software over the network. Now, the farm management program can access and exchange serial data with any remote feeding device regardless of its location.


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Electronic Team is a technology development company founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of developing innovative and affordable technologies for both enterprise and personal use. Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology may add a networking and remote access feature to the feeding and farm management systems, making it the best possible solution on the market.

Software solutions powered by our technology

Based on this Port Virtualization Technology Electronic Team developed a range of tools that can virtualize any serial port connection and redirect it over a network.

Virtual Serial Port Driver

Create virtual serial port pairs

Serial to Ethernet Connector

Share serial port devices over network
USB Network Gate

Serial Port Monitor

Monitor Serial ports and analyze COM port activity

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