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Manage USB and serial laboratory equipment over TCP/IP network

Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology will let you forward lab device data across the Internet

The problem of remote access to laboratory devices

The manufacturers of scientific equipment and devices for laboratories often face the challenge of providing their solutions with the remote access functionality. This would allow connecting to any lab instruments over the network and collecting the generated data for its further processing and analysis.
The RS232 standard comes with a multitude of hardware and software solutions that help specialists read data from all sorts of equipment, e.g. spectrometers, spectrophotometers, temperature controllers, compression testing machines, moisture analyzer balances, upright and chest freezers, laboratory balances and scales, laboratory glassware cleaners and more.

Each lab device works with its own software, which can be either built into a large laboratory management system (LIMS) or used independently. If you want to read data from all lab devices at a time regardless of their physical location, you’ll need a special technology of port redirection.

Is there any solution?

Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) by Electronic Team will easily resolve this. EPVT can be integrated into any software and hardware components of laboratory devices. It helps scientists not only control lab instruments across the Internet but operate them flawlessly.

EPVT virtualizes serial and USB connections and forwards devices over the network, so that they appear on a remote computer like physically connected. Scientists can get wireless access to all lab equipment at a time and collect its data to the single server.

In addition to remote access and control functionality, the technology gives the way to monitor the state of reagents, the activity and technical condition of the instruments.

The key benefits of integrating Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology into lab equipment

EPVT is a unique solution that provides researchers with a view of their equipment’s data from a single point of control. By implementing Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology in your lab system you get the ability to:

Cut costs

With the technology of remote access to lab equipment, you can manage automated laboratory devices over the network, which allows bringing down the cost of human and time resources.

Streamline processes

Integrated into lab software and hardware, the port redirection technology will significantly improve lab processes and enhance productivity.

Save time

EPVT eliminates the need to program and operate lab devices manually which leads to faster and more reproducible research resulting in more effective developments in less time.

Stay ahead of your competitors

The technology is compatible with all major OSes and can be customized for any specific needs of a laboratory system. With EPVT you get a unique lab solution and hence a significant advantage over your competitors.
Ready to reap the benefits of Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology?

About Us

Electronic Team is a technology development company founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of developing innovative and affordable technologies for both enterprise and personal use. Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology may improve laboratory systems with remote access feature, thus helping researchers fully automate various lab processes.

Software solutions powered by our technology

Based on this port virtualization technology Electronic Team developed serial port redirection and monitoring tools that are capable of forwarding any device from one location to another over network and sniffing all data from serial port device.

Virtual Serial Port Driver

Create virtual serial port pairs

Serial to Ethernet Connector

Share serial port devices over network
USB Network Gate

Serial Port Monitor

Monitor Serial ports and analyze COM port activity

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