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Redirect Data from POS Terminals to a Main Station over Ethernet

Serial to Ethernet Connector is a reliable way to connect the server running the controlling software to gas station payment terminals, based on industrial PCs with COM-connected peripherals.

4.7 rank, based on 243+ users

Access to POS terminals from a single server

One of the major tasks for the gas station owners is to obtain information from various devices like payment terminals at no extra cost. Serial to Ethernet Connector shares the serial devices, thus making them fully accessible from the main server for remote data handling.

Save on the cost of multiple software licenses

As Serial to Ethernet Connector makes remote payment terminals behave like the local ones, integrating serial redirection proves to be cost-effective. Allocations can be substantially lowered by acquiring a single license (accounting, fuel management, etc.) for the main server only, but not for each POS terminal separately.

Flexibility in the technological processes

Since Serial to Ethernet Connector converts serial data by purely software means, there's no need to use additional equipment. Embedding serial port virtualization allows total freedom in configuration as it creates a limitless number of virtual ports in case you have few or none physical ones.
Gas station payment processing

Here’s how to connect remotely to payment terminals for serial data exchange

Serial data exchange

What customers say

4.7 rank, based on 243+ users

Successfully used by 150+ companies worldwide

User-oriented design
Serial to Ethernet Connector is really a comprehensive means to make the new web-based software communicate with our time-tested equipment connected to COM ports. Creating a reliable client-server serial connection saved our budget since we didn’t have to modernize our older devices.
Steady performance!
We were looking for software to ensure serial data transfer that wouldn’t be interrupted even by a system reboot or accidental shutdown. Serial to Ethernet Connector works as a service to connect our TCP devices and provides nonstop performance of shared COM ports.
Good way to cut expenses
Our goal was to find a Windows-supporting solution to talk to ARM-based hardware through virtual COM ports. Serial to Ethernet Connector turned to work perfectly on the latest OS versions. It successfully exchanges data with our standard equipment, so happily there’s no need in its pricey optimization.
Product Manager at Zealtech
Serial to Ethernet Connector
Serial to Ethernet Connector

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