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USB Port Sniffer
Sniff USB traffic and analyze USB data

USB Sniffer is a software tool that enables monitoring USB ports activity on a Windows machine. This simple app allows a user to capture USB traffic data and also provides full activity analytics for any USB device without plugging an additional hardware. Monitored data can be recorded, exported and analyzed, and it often proves to be crucial in development, testing and optimization of applications, drivers and hardware.

ActiveX for Developers

USB Sniffer is available as ActiveX which can be embedded into other applications.

Main features

  • Monitor Data

    USB Data Sniffer automatically detects connected USB devices and monitors the system USB ports in a real-time mode, so it is easy to identify potential problems, if any, and take necessary actions to avoid them. The software allows you to monitor multiple devices at once and create multiple sessions. You can switch between outgoing and incoming data, click “Pair” button to display corresponding IN/Out packets automatically.
  • Display Data

    USB Traffic Sniffer displays monitored data as raw hex dump or as a decoded readable text – select what is convenient for you. Intercepted data includes IRPs, URBs, IOCTLs, etc.
  • Analyze Data

    USB Port Sniffer not only shows brief description of each USB packet capture, it is also capable of providing a detailed analysis for each of the packages. The summary is provided on top of the app’s window, while the analytical data is given below in Command View and Data View. The latter mode displays information in Hex and ASCII.
  • Save & Export Data

    USB Packet Sniffer can record collected data in a binary file, so you can refer to it later, at any point of time. For your convenience data can be exported in one of the following formats – plain text, CSV, XML and HTML.
  • Filter Data

    USB Sniffer provides filters for you to see only required data. Filters are applied dynamically, so you can hide unnecessary packets at any point of time.

Corporate & Source code

Whether you're looking at redistributing our USB Sniffer technology as a part of your product or considering USB Sniffer software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.

Source Code License

for USB Sniffer
Ordering Source Code license for USB Sniffer receive all extensively commented programming source code of the driver (GUI sources are not included). In addition, we provide technical and information support by email, IMs and phone, and high-end consulting services. Our leading developers will help you implement Source codes and understand the advanced part of the product.

Site Licensing

for USB Sniffer
If you know the certain number of computers to be equipped with USB Sniffer you may consider obtaining Limited Site License. The advantage of Site Licensing comparing to multiple Single licenses is one license key for all company computers.

Full features list

Monitor data exchanged between a device and an application through a USB port – intercept, record, display and analyze it.
Go through the list of USB devices in the system – they are displayed either in a simple list or hierarchical tree view.
Intercept IRPs, URBs, IOCTLs and data that goes through a USB device stack in a real-time mode.
Make use of USB root hubs support.
Possibility to add markers to the captured data displayed in the main GUI.
View collected data either as a raw hex dump or a decoded readable text.
Use dynamic filters to hide unnecessary data.
Sniff USB port incoming and outgoing data – toggle between corresponding OUT/ IN data packages effortlessly.
Sniff USB traffic for any kind of device – use USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB-C protocols.
View detailed information about a monitored device.
What customers say
    • 4.9
    USB Port Sniffer software is simple and well implemented. It became an essential part of our successful coding, testing and optimization!
    Andrew Green, a senior Software Developer Andrew Green, a senior Software Developer

Overall rating 4.9
based on 87 reviews
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USB Port Sniffer for Windows

Demo version limitations
• fully functional 14-day trial
System Requirements
Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): XP/2003/2008/ Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2012
Latest Update
Version 4.0.288 (3 Feb, 2022) Release notes