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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Serial Device Server software

Still trying to figure out how to access your indispensable serial device located miles away? Serial to Ethernet Connector is giving you the way to manage your remote COM port peripherals over the network wherever you are. Distance is not an issue as long as you have serial to Ethernet device server installed on your PC. Best of all, the software lets you create dozens of virtual COM ports so that you can access as many serial devices as you need.
Also available on Linux OS and Windows Mobile

For Developers

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Serial connections across Ethernet

With the powerful features Serial to Ethernet Connector offers, you can access up to 500 COM port devices shared over Ethernet (Internet or LAN) at a time.

  • Use your computer as a COM port server

    If you’re looking at ways to share a device plugged in your machine (serial server) among multiple remote client computers, the simplest possible way is a serial server communication established with the help of the app. The key advantage of such communication is that data can be transmitted from the device server to multiple real and virtual remote COM ports at a time.
  • Connect to a remote host from your client machine

    Connection can be initiated from a client computer with Serial to Ethernet Connector if this machine is able to establish TCP connections. At the same time, SEC installation is not required on a remote machine you are connecting to. All you need is to configure the host’s IP address and a TCP port to connect to, and the data exchange will begin immediately.
  • Share serial peripherals over UDP

    SEC works perfectly with User Datagram Protocol, which makes it easy to transfer data across your local network. Moreover, a remote connection over UDP can also be established without using SEC on a client machine.
  • Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux OS

    The command-line version of the software is now available for Linux OS. Being a cross-platform solution, SEC lets you choose which operating system (Windows or Linux) will be a client or a server.

    Download Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux OS now!

    On top of that, Serial to Ethernet Connector is now compatible with ARM-based computers. This version can be run on machines with D-Bus installed.

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Custom Software Development
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What customers say
    • 4.9
    It is just what we need! Serial to Ethernet Connector is bounding our hardware together. Now, we don’t have to pay the extra cost for maintenance and upgrading of our virtual COM drivers. It is the perfect solution for us!
    Xuehui Li, Product manager Xuehui Li, Product manager

Overall rating 4.9
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Serial to Ethernet Connector for Windows

System Requirements
Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): 2008 R2 SP1/7 SP1/8/10; Windows Server 2012/2016/2019
Latest Update
Version 9.0.1253 (12 Apr, 2023) Release notes
Communication Application