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Exclusive client-side solution tailored to your cloud storage

We will work out a perfect client-side app for your service based on our technology.

Focus on your platform.
We will make the client app.

A lot of open source and commercial clients are loaded with a great variety of features a common user hardly understands and uses. Even more, not always these client apps can satisfy the requirements of a certain platform.
Based on our experience with CloudMounter, our software developers team will design and build the exact client app you are looking for.

Keeping in mind individual requirements, we will provide you with a unique easy to use software accessible right from the interface of your control panel. Here, at Electronic Team, we turn all your wishes into reality.

Key Advantages of our solution

The providing solution is a minimalistic tool with a set of powerful and handy features. Reveal a lot of benefits with our client-side app.

Connection and File encryption

Our client-side solution implements the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key length. Thanks to encryption made by the software, your client’s data will be totally protected even if his password is stolen.

Cross-platform Client

The client app may be fully compatible with any popular desktop or mobile platforms, like macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Your clients could access the online storage on any of their devices.

Autologin to user account

Access to cloud services is done through the developers' API. Our custom solution neither collects nor stores user’s login credentials. We value your and your clients’ privacy.
White Label Product

White Label Product

Get a unique solution tailored to meet your individual requirements. 100% your brand, your logo, your identity with no mentioning of our app. With the help of custom solution, you will have an edge over the regular software.
Constant support and updates

Constant support and updates

We guarantee our continued support for all our clients and provide them with the regular updates of the software. Your ideas and thoughts are highly welcomed as we care about our clients.

Seamless integration with Finder and Explorer

CloudMounter is an essential tool that allows mounting unlimited amount of cloud storages and web servers to your computer. Remotely located files are easy to deal with through Windows Explorer or Finder as if they were located on your machine.
Storage without local copies

Storage without local copies

Work directly with your online data without copying it to your local drive
Status icon

Status icon

Check what is going with your files thanks to the info icons
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Achievements and milestones

CloudMounter was first released in July 2016 and up to the present the app counts 18 versions, including 3 major upgrades. Since that time it gained popularity and recognition not only among a lot of users throughout the world but also among software gurus. Our success is marked by numerous awards and excellent rankings.
more than 100 countries
downloads in more than 100 countries
#5 Product of the Day
#5 Product of the Day
Aug 03, 2016
Featured in Mac App Store in 2016
Featured in Mac App Store
in 2016
Nominee for Best Cloud Management Solution 2017
Nominee for Best Cloud Management Solution 2017
About Us
Electronic Team is a global technology company that was established in 2001. Our aim is to develop innovative and high-quality technologies for diverse industries.
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If you are searching for a tailored software, we will present you with the best solution to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Call us at +1 202 335 8465 or complete the form to get answers to your unique questions and find out why UPT is the right choice for your business.