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Mount cloud storage as local drive on Windows computers

Mount cloud storage with CloudMounter right on your computer and work with it just the way you would with a local drive. Benefit from this cloud management software and easily access Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV, and Amazon S3 accounts right from File Explorer. Additionally, CloudMounter provides support for FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols, ensuring a comprehensive service.

File Explorer Integration

Smooth integration with File Explorer offers the ability to display the file status and progress of ongoing uploads for even better file management. Besides that, you can map the supported cloud storage as a network drive and manage your online files the same way as your local ones.

Cloud Storages and Web Services

Reach for the clouds easily with CloudMounter! You can mount several Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts at a time! There is no need to save any online files to your computer while still working with them as if they were saved locally on Windows.
Amazon S3
Amazon S3
CloudMounter brings your work with Amazon S3-based storage to the next level. It gives you the possibility to conveniently manage your data by choosing whether to connect to the entire account or mount S3 selected buckets.

CloudMounter supports all AWS regions, including EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Seoul), US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Canada (Central), EU (London), and China (Beijing).
CloudMounter is a go-to WebDAV client that grants you complete control over remote files on the server. Easily upload, download, copy/cut, and paste. Interact with online files the same way as with those stored locally.

Have the WebDAV server at your fingertips. Map it as a drive and access it directly from File Explorer.
Dropbox client
Mount your Dropbox account as a local drive without having to install it on your computer and save files locally.

With CloudMounter, you can upload files to Dropbox in the same way you usually move around local files in File Explorer.
Google Drive
Mount Google Drive
CloudMounter is an excellent Google Drive client, as it allows you to map cloud drive as network drive so you can work with sheets and docs as if they were stored on your computer.

Mount as many Google Drive accounts as needed. Work with online files as if they were stored locally without saving them on your computer first.
Microsoft OneDrive
Connect to OneDrive and upload files to the cloud as easily as you copy and move files around your hard drive.

Mount this cloud storage as a drive and work with it effortlessly and fast. No need to save online files to your computer in order to manage them.
FTP/SFTP Connection
Access your web servers using either standard or secure FTP protocols. You can also easily map FTP as a local drive in File Explorer, enabling seamless access to your online files as if they were stored locally. With this functionality, you can effortlessly view, delete, create, upload, and download files from your remote server.

CloudMounter offers the convenience of viewing the complete file structure of a website or a file server, making it a user-friendly solution for managing your online files.

Secure Cloud Storages and Web Servers

CloudMounter keeps all files in your cloud thoroughly protected. Add an extra layer of protection to the files stored on the supported cloud storages and web services with the AEC256 encryption standard.
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FTP File
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Amazon S3
Google Drive File
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Google Drive
OneDrive File
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Microsoft OneDrive
Encrypt data

CloudMounter for Windows

CloudMounter for Windows is fully compatible with Win 7 SP1 and newer. Requires 28.34MB of free space, latest version 2.4.1874. Released 11 Jun, 2024.
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CloudMounter for Mac

Also available for Mac

Multiple cloud accounts as well as remote servers can be easily accessed right from Finder.