Eltima’s Knowledge Base

This section contains articles about Eltima's network technologies for serial and USB communications, USB/COM port virtualization software, as well as products for remote management of specialized equipment, peripheral devices, and storage systems. Tags provided below each post will take you to relevant articles that may be of interest.

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology: integrate our USB and Serial port sharing solution

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology allows integrate Serial and USB port redirection, COM port creation, USB and Serial port sharing functionality into your product.

Serial to Ethernet Connector hardware - EPVT integration

RS232 to LAN technology improvement - serial over network implementation.

Cloud computing technology – USB access integration

How to work with USB peripherals in a cloud desktop - virtualize serial and USB devices and take them to the cloud. USB passthrough in the Cloud OS.

USB over Ethernet sharing technology - USB to Ethernet Connector

USB over Ethernet connectors - networking technology implementation.

Environmental monitoring equipment and remote access technology

A dedicated monitoring and management technology as an efficient solution for environmental and global equipment.

SCADA control system development - port virtualization technology implementation

Virtualize connections in your SCADA software - integrate EPVT as a virtualization feature component

How to design campus LAN and work with remote ports

How to work with remote devices in university computer network and campus lan. Virtualization technology for remote work and Wireless Campus network design.

Remote OBD diagnostics - integrate Port Virtualization Technology into software and hardware tools

How to integrate remote OBD diagnostic technology into OBD2 scan tools and software solutions - Eltima Technology

Secure USB stick redirection and remote data access

How to implement two factor authentication into the security system - USB security token redirection with Port Virtualization Technology.

Wireless medical devices - Port Virtualization Technology integration

How to redirect wireless healthcare devices data to the one point access. Manage remote MRI and patient monitoring data with Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Network Programming Computer Network Technology

Network programming in C and computer network technology. Eltima Network Programming Development - company specialists will help in the development of computer network technology.

How to monitor COM port Device and when do you need it?

How to monitor RS232 port with Eltima Port Virtualization Technology - COM port monitor software

How to create virtual serial port and where it is being used?

The main tips to create virtual COM port and the fields where this technology is needed. When do you need to create virtual RS232 and how to do it?