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Environmental monitoring equipment and remote access technology

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 11, 2019

Given the rising importance of environmental monitoring, specialized monitoring equipment is becoming key to understanding what is really happening to our planet. A wide range of devices perform continuous, round-the-clock, automated monitoring of things such as temperature changes, greenhouse gases, pollutants, rising sea levels, etc.

Various environmental analysers, detectors, monitors, and samplers are widely used by environmentalists, companies involved in the extraction of natural resources, specialists engaged in production of weather forecasts, and more.

Deployed in onshore laboratory environments or on survey and drilling vessels, complex testing systems serve for collecting multi-parameter data and sending it to specialized datacenters. This way researchers get real-time access to valuable data and projects from anywhere, at any time. Building such automated systems, however, may become a real challenge for engineers.

Environmental monitoring equipment

Environmental equipment remote control challenge

Specialized devices built to monitor the environment are typically equipped with standard COM (RS232, RS485, etc.) or USB interfaces. These ports serve for connecting the equipment to a particular monitoring application installed on a specialist's machine. The direct connection between a testing device and a dedicated control software allows transmitting received data from the equipment to a single datacenter.

In some cases, however, it may be required to get remote access to some environmental hardware or you may need to connect to the same device from multiple control apps at a time. To resolve such issues, the control software needs to support a dedicated port redirection technology that will help access any COM interface over the network.

Optimal solution to get GEO data from remote

If you need unlimited access to a vast range of remote environmental testing equipment, Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) will be the simplest yet most efficient solution. The technology is designed to transport data over network protocols, so that a user can work with remote devices over the Internet. EPVT is able to create the unlimited number of virtual ports in any system. Connected via a virtual port, a remote device will be recognized by the system like it were physically attached to the machine. That means with Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology you’ll be able to check and analyze all parameters from any part of the world.

Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology

EPVT is a unique technology that can be integrated into any specialized equipment or software. What's more, the solution can be customized according to specific requirements of already-existing environmental monitoring software. With EPVT, environmental management and control programs will be able to split and merge the signals of remote serial and USB ports, monitor their status the control the entire system.

Major benefits you get with Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology:

  1. With EPVT, the developers of environmental equipment software can significantly improve the functionality of their solutions. Additionally to the advanced remote access functionality, their software gets the ability to split a stream of data into several flows as well as join separate streams from different remote devices into one dataflow.
  2. Thanks to the advanced functionality provided by EPVT, you get the opportunity to cover new market segments and considerably increase sales of your product.
  3. Another important advantage of EPVT is its flexibility. The technology can be embedded in any software solution regardless of the operating system it's designed for. Moreover, Electronic Team technology can be integrated into the core of specialized environmental hardware as well.

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