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Cost-efficient solution for airfield infrastructure optimization

Is your airport infrastructure ready for international demand recovery?
To achieve maximum efficiency and profitability during the current economic crisis, major international airports are looking for a cost-effective way to optimize their operational areas.
Technological modernization of airport infrastructure might reduce the impact of the crisis and become key in maintaining a high level of service quality.

Centralized management of separate airport networks such as ticketing kiosks, printing points, security cameras, traffic controllers, etc. would allow anticipating changing service needs and significantly reducing maintenance costs.
IT and communications
With the aim of helping airports transform their IT and communications infrastructure more efficiently, Electronic Team has developed a dedicated port virtualization technology working over any distance and across all major operating systems.

Our remote access technology is designed to facilitate asset management and increase the operational capacity of airports facing the new realities of a pandemic economy.

Minimize up-front costs and budget of the Airfield system with Remote Access Technology

A real-life example of successful implementation of the USB pass-through technology in an airport system

The challenge

Recently we have been contacted by the technical manager of one of the largest airports in Europe with the following issue:

The boarding pass printers used at our client’s airport are equipped with USB ports for easy connection to airport computers. However, the software running on the check-in officers’ PCs is designed to support COM port equipment only. Replacing the legacy application is considered to be problematic as the cost of redesigning the specialized software is rather high. With that, the cost of maintaining the system with additional USB to COM converters might eventually outweigh the cost of replacing both the printing software and hardware.

The solution

Electronic Team has created a custom solution for a boarding pass printing station where one USB printer connects to a print server and becomes available for remote access from 20 check-in desks at a time. Check-in officers simply connect to the print server over RDP and send a boarding pass to the print queue.

Thanks to the port virtualization technology integrated into the printing system, all the USB printers available at the airport can now be controlled from the legacy serial software without any additional hardware, cabling, or USB to COM adapters.

The custom Port Virtualization solution allows the airport to get the best savings by eliminating the need to redesign the expensive software, update it, and retrain the staff. It enables the airport to reduce wait-times for the passengers and provides a competitive advantage over other airports in the region.
USB pass-through technology in an airport system

The key advantages of integrating our Port Virtualization technology into your airport IT infrastructure

Complete farm system automation

Reduction of expenses

With a dedicated port redirection technology, airports get the ability to control and manage communications systems over the network, which allows reducing costs significantly.
Complete farm system automation

Seamless service

A custom solution for your airport will be created and installed without causing any operation interruptions and within the planned deadlines.
Complete farm system automation

Managing all system ports from one point of control

Our technology lets create, delete, and disable any COM port available in your system from the same app. This way, you get the ability to control and optimize the connection with the required port at any time. The software works with both physical and virtual serial interfaces.
Complete farm system automation

Exchanging data between any number of USB and serial ports

The remote access technology offers an exceptional value, particularly when it comes to data conversion and exchange between USB and serial port devices.

Minimize up-front costs and budget of the Airfield system with Remote Access Technology

About Us

Electronic Team is a technology development company that was founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of developing innovative and affordable technologies for various industries. GPS splitting solution that lets route a GPS signal to multiple applications at the same time is one of our many specialties.

Software solutions powered by our technology

Based on this Port Virtualization Technology Electronic Team developed a range of tools that can virtualize any serial port connection and redirect it over a network.


Access and manage remote USB and COM port devices
	USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate

Share your USB device with others over LAN or Internet

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