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Wireless medical devices - Port Virtualization Technology integration

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 10, 2019

Medical equipment from previous generations often requires long wires to lead off the devices to a bulky, non-portable monitor or user interface located in a separate patient care area. As it’s better for patients not to hear the medical experts commenting on the results of their MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or CT (Computed Tomography), the control systems and host computers are usually located remotely.

In order not to overload complex medical systems with additional connectors, cables, and extenders, modern healthcare centers implement advanced technologies of wireless access to the importable medical equipment.

Wireless medical devices

The challenge of wireless medical monitoring

Most medical devices communicate with control systems via serial interfaces. To “talk” to the required equipment over the network, the host system should support a special data transfer technology that will help recognize serial data received from remote devices. The equipment, in turn, should also support the dedicated technology to be able to send valuable data to the host computer over the Internet.

The optimal solution to control medical devices remotely

Electronic Team has developed a unique network solution that can easily connect medical devices and monitors without any wires or cables. Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) provides the ability to establish reliable serial communications between medical equipment so that it can be accessed and operated remotely.

After a simple integration of EPVT into the hardware and software components of a medical system, wireless healthcare devices will be able to connect to the Internet and transmit data to an Internet-capable device such as a computer or MRI compatible monitor.

The solution for remote access to farm equipment

The data rate, stability of connections, and protection of transmitted data are all outstanding, which makes Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology the optimal solution for wireless patient monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.

Experience the advantages of Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology in terms of both functionality and efficiency

EPVT is aimed to provide medical devices with wireless communications without sacrificing their performance. The integration of EPVT into a medical system allows:

  1. Improving the functionality of medical center software by adding the ability to control wireless medical devices over the Internet;
  2. Simplifying the work of medical specialists by letting them access and program specialized devices from any remote location;
  3. Lowering costs of medical equipment for healthcare providers, etc.
  4. Electronic Team Port Virtualization Technology is compatible with all major OSes and can be easily implemented in any specific serial hardware (like remote MRI) or software.

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