Virtual Serial Port Driver
Corporate Licenses

By selecting one of our corporate licenses you may get the ability to redistribute Virtual Serial Port Driver technology as a component of your own product or utilize the functionality of our advanced COM port virtualization software on an unlimited number of workstations within your organization or enterprise.

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OEM License

Technology integration

Any of the powerful features offered by Virtual Serial Port Driver can be added to your own software or hardware solution. The OEM License allows implementing the software functionality in a wide range of industry-specific projects. You can improve your product by providing serial port virtualization and redirection capabilities and distribute it to your customers without paying royalty fees.

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Limited Site License

Simple installation and management

Get a unique license key generated for your company name and use it to activate the software across your organization. No need to buy a single license for each individual employee, you can install Virtual Serial Port Driver on multiple compatible machines within your company premises countrywide and let people work with the software on up to 50 computers at a time.

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Unlimited Site License

Company-wide use

With the Unlimited Site License, you can install the software on any number of computers regardless of their location. Once you get the license key, simply register an unlimited number of Virtual Serial Port Driver copies for your company name and make the software accessible to all of your employees working around the globe.

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Source Code License

Software customization

This license will give you the ability to modify the core functionality of Virtual Serial Port Driver in any way you need.

Note: you can’t distribute sources or make them publicly available in any way and, before you purchase the source code, we will enter a legal and binding agreement regulating intellectual property rights and including other protections for both parties.

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Virtual Serial Port Driver

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