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Serial Port Switcher
RS232 Switcher - split and switch serial ports

Serial Port Switcher is a software solution that enables splitting a single serial port into multiple virtual ports thus allowing several apps to connect to it and receive data simultaneously. This serial switch app is also capable of connecting multiple ports into one, creating bundles and redirecting data from one port to another. The rs232 switch app basically allows you to manage real hardware, as well as virtual ports.

The serial port switch functionality allows detecting a free port – you have to specify a list of COM ports first – so it can be assigned to an application that requires it. In addition to switch serial ports, the app logs all events in the system, you thus can track what application communicated with the port and the connection parameters.

Serial Port Switcher allows creating the following connection types:

  • One-to-many

    This rs485 switch app allows splitting a serial port into multiple ports, each of them would copy all the parameters of the hardware port. It is also possible to share the device connected to a serial port among multiple apps without splitting the port into several.
  • Many-to-one

    The app can connect multiple serial ports into a single one. This might be required if you want a single application to receive data from several devices, the application should be at the OUT side of the bundle.
  • Merged ports

    Serial Port Switcher offers a new unique feature that allows users to more easily exchange data between multiple real and virtual COM interfaces. You simply add all the required serial ports to a single bundle (which is not divided into the incoming and outgoing sides) and RS232 Switcher replicates the data received by any joined port to all the other serial ports in the bundle.
  • Many-to-many

    Setting up complex bundles of serial ports with the help of Serial Port Splitter becomes easy, thanks to assisting charts provided by the app. You can bundle any number of serial ports, virtual, as well as real, in any direction – incoming or outgoing. For IN/OUT sides you can set up the Main Port, this will enable you to manage control lines of a corresponding serial port.
  • Ports switcher

    Switch rs232 functionality simplifies working with applications that require only a certain number of ports for functioning. Assign a virtual port for such an app, i.e. specify it in the app; add a switcher to this port in the Serial Port Switcher and all serial ports you need to interact with. For your convenience you can give all of them the same name. Next time the app needs to connect to the port, the Serial Port Switcher will automatically detect a free port and assign it to the app.
  • loopback

    Looped datafeed

    Using one of the most advanced Serial Port Switcher’s features, you can create a loopback virtual COM-port bundle. Technically speaking, it’s an all-new type of port bundle with linked signal lines and a direct IN-to-OUT connection. It can greatly help along with your serial port testing process, especially when you need to make sure there's nothing amiss port’s data communication function.

Serial Port Splitter Licenses

Whether you're looking at redistributing our Serial Port Splitter technology as a part of your product or considering Serial Port Splitter software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.

SDK License

Serial Port Splitter Inside Your App

Purchasing the SDK license you get:

• Special setup file for SDK version installation
• SDK license key generated for your company's name which can be used in all of your offices world-wide
• The ability of royalty-free silent installation and registration on users' machines
• SDK User Guide with instructions on integrating the SDK into your product
  • Supported IDEs

SDK For Developers
Sign up for the API evaluation program and integrate it into your product.

Source Code License

Ordering Source Code license for Serial Splitter you receive all extensively commented programming source code (GUI sources are not included). In addition, we provide technical and information lifetime support by email, IMs and phone, and high-end consulting services. Our leading developers will help you implement Source codes and understand the advanced part of the product.

Site Licensing

If you know the certain number of computers to be equipped with Serial Splitter you may consider obtaining Limited Site License. The advantage of Site Licensing comparing to multiple Single licenses is one license key for all company computers.

Full features list

One app to split a single serial port into many, join multiple ports into one and redirect data
Enable a single port to be shared by several apps
Combine hardware and virtual ports into complex bundles
Emulate an unlimited number of serial ports
Recreate control lines. Thanks to automatic configuration of port bundles, there is no need to recreate them on rebooting your computer.
Emulate and configure serial ports in a real-time mode
Compatible with various GPS devices and software
Work with HyperThreaded and multi-processor systems
Transfer data from/to a virtual serial port at a high speed
Emulate baudrate and flow control support, no reboot is required on installing the app
What customers say
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    By using Serial COM Port Splitter I am able to get what I want. I am applying this for use with navigation and aeronautic positional awareness.
    James Gilham James Gilham

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