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How to Share USB Mic over Network

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 16, 2019

Audio over Ethernet is a very convenient way to distribute an audio over network. It is better than analogue radio in many ways, e.g. the quality of its signal does not suffer over long distances. You might not always have really long cables in hand to connect equipment located at a distance. So what would be the best way to share USB microphone over network between two computers or, say, a web-cam? Let us look together into possible options and try to figure out what will suit you best.


  • Special software
  • Using wireless mic
  • Special hardware
  • Special software to share USB microphone over Ethernet

    USB Network Gate is a software tool that enables shared access to a USB mic over network. No cables cluttering your desk, no hanging wires, the solution is reliable and really easy-to-use.

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    USB Network Gate

    Share USB over Ethernet on Windows
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    USB Network Gate

    All you have to do to share USB mic over Ethernet is:

    1. Download USB Network Gate, the latest version is available on the developer’s web-site.
    2. Install the app on a computer whose USB port is to be shared (server) and machines that need access (clients).
    3. Setup USB Network Gate

    4. Attach a microphone and run the application on the server.
    5. Go to ‘Share local USB devices’ tab, locate the device you need and click ‘Share’ button next to it, a window will be displayed where you can customize settings, if required. The device now is visible and accessible to Clients.

    USB Network Gate also allows accessing a USB microphone over RDP. You probably know what happens when you connect to a remote desktop via RDP - all USB ports become inaccessible; and there is no support for audio input/output functionality. With USB Network Gate you can access all USB devices in remote desktop environment. The way it works is pretty similar to what we described above:

    1. Install the app on a machine into which a USB mic is inserted and a machine you connect to over RDP.
    2. Run the app and use its interface to share the mic and connect to it.

    Now the output audio will be played back from the remote desktop on your local machine’s audio device – earphones or speakers. The audio apps will work as if the mic is on the remote side. Separate logins will have separate sessions, i.e. audio streams and accessible devices., you do not have to worry about safety and confidentiality.

    Pros of using the software for accessing USB microphone over network:

    • It enables access to any USB device
    • Being a cross-platform solution it allows you to work on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android
    • Does not require any additional equipment or devices
    • Works in virtual and remote desktop environment
    • Offers per-session USB device isolation, i.e. you can share a device only with specific users over RDP

    Share wireless USB mic over network

    Here is how you can do it:

    1. Connect a computer to which your mic is to be attached to the router with the help of Ethernet cable. Make sure it is connected to the network. If the computer happens to be the network host, check if your router is connected to your Internet modem.
    2. Insert your mic to the host computer. Enable sharing files and USB mic on the host computer via Network and Sharing settings.
    3. Find your mic in the list of Printers and Devices. You can change the default name to make it easier to identify it.
    4. Share wireless USB mic over network

    Pros of sharing a USB mic over Wi-Fi:

    • Easy to set up;
    • Free


    • Your mic is shared within Wi-Fi coverage area

    Special hardware

    The special hardware is called a device server/ terminal server/ console server, it has 1-4 serial ports and enables shared access to a USB device.

    All you have to do is to connect a USB mic to the USB ports of the server and connect the computers.

    Share USB Mic over Network

    Pros of using it:

    • Simple. Perhaps this is the simplest answer to ‘How to share USB microphone over network?’ question.
    • Low cost – such servers are usually cheaper than software


    • Does not work on long distances
    • Clutters your desk with cables and wires

    If we were to choose, we would go for the software – USB Network Gate seems to balance all the pros and cons to share the printer between two computers in an optimal way. Check what works best for you!..

    USB Network Gate

    Run on 32-bit and 64-bit: Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016/2019/2022
    Also available on macOS, Linux OS and Android , 9.33MB size
    Version 10.0.2593 (1 Nov, 2023) Release notes
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