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HyperTerminal Alternative
Advanced Terminal Emulator for Windows OS

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 11, 2019

What is HyperTerminal?

HyperTerminal is a program that allows you to emulate terminal operations when interacting with remote devices via a standard serial bus (RS-232), dial-up, or Telnet. This Windows serial port terminal is a handy tool for sending data to serial displays. The program can serve for connecting to bulletin boards (BBS) and online services as well. In addition, the utility is often used to configure various network equipment, such as routers, modems, switches, PBX, etc. through the console COM port.

When is it used?

HyperTerminal is an efficient solution which helps take control of external devices or systems like scientific COM port-instruments, robots, or radio communication stations. It allows exchanging data with another computer, networking equipment, phone systems, medical billing systems, medical and lab equipment, industrial equipment, building maintenance systems, and more.

With HyperTerminal, you get the ability to:

  • transfer text and commands to a remote computer;
  • receive information from a remote computer;
  • transfer data saved to the clipboard by using the command 'Paste to host' in the View menu;
  • exchange files with another machine;
  • reset your modem or issue configuration and diagnostic commands.
HyperTerminal Alternative

Disadvantages of the program

  1. If your goal is to use HyperTerminal on Win 7 or 10, you should remember that these OS versions support only the private edition of the solution. The private edition is not free if used commercially, so for commercial purposes you'll have to buy the app.
  2. Although HyperTerminal can serve as a debug tool, the limited abilities of the app won’t let you achieve much success in controlling and debugging serial communications. Functional limitations of the app show that this solution is not the optimal one for working with remote COM interfaces.

If you feel the need for HyperTerminal replacement with a more powerful and versatile terminal solution, Serial Port Monitor will be the best choice. This dedicated software works as a terminal emulator for Windows 7, 10 (as well as other Windows versions) and offers full access to serial data transmitted via any COM port available in your system.

HyperTerminal alternative - Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor is a dedicated serial terminal software offering a set of features for programming and debugging. This utility allows you to monitor, analyze and capture serial communication.
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Serial Port Monitor

Log and analyze serial port activity
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Serial Port Monitor

When you are building serial apps (and especially when you are debugging them) sniffing every single serial interface may become a hassle if there are no good tools available that help you simplify this task. Electronic Team, Inc. has built Serial Port Monitor that will allow you to monitor and control the activity of all the required COM ports and hardware devices connected to them right from the software interface. Serial Port Monitor is a unique solution chosen by software and hardware developers as a HyperTerminal alternative for Windows 7, 10, Windows Vista, etc.

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Common usage scenarios

Serial Port Monitor is a serial terminal software that manages challenges ranging from hardware and software testing to sending and receiving binary, ASCII, and HEX data communicated via serial connections.

The software is extremely useful for:

  • Emulating data exchange between COM port devices and Windows applications of all types;
  • resolving issues with serial communications established between control networks and COM-based devices;
  • developing serial hardware and device drivers;
  • implementing and reverse-engineering serial protocols, and more.
Serial Port Monitor

Advanced features offered by Serial Port Monitor

  • Multiple data vizualizers. The software supports four different modes of data display: table view, line view, dump and terminal views. Each of the modes provides data in the different format and you’ll be able to either choose the visualizer best suited to your needs or enable all four views at a time.

  • Emulation of data transfer. Thanks to the Terminal mode option, you can easily emulate sending serial data (in string, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, or mixed formats) to the required COM port like it was sent from the sniffed app.

  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple ports. Connect your serial apps to several COM ports at a time and monitor the data exchange within one session. All data received and sent by the ports will be recorded to a single log by using the first in, first out method.

  • Modbus sniffing. Serial Port Monitor is fully compatible with Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols. Additionally to Modbus data, with the app you can easily catch and log data communicated by RS485, RS422, and RS232 devices.

  • Session playback option. To be sure in the accuracy of your results, you can repeat sending the same data to the same COM port with a convenient session playback feature supported by the software. This will let you review port's reaction to particular data and analyze results you receive.

As you can see, Serial Port Monitor can be used not only as a great alternative to HyperTerminal but also as an efficient tool for development and debugging of serial apps and hardware. The software is a unique product combining the functionality of a terminal and COM-port sniffer in one solution.

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Serial Port Monitor
Log and analyze serial port activity
4.8 rank based on 345 + users
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