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This section contains articles about Eltima's network technologies for serial and USB communications, USB/COM port virtualization software, as well as products for remote management of specialized equipment, peripheral devices, and storage systems. Tags provided below each post will take you to relevant articles that may be of interest.

Portmon Alternative Software Solution - COM Port Monitoring

Portmon for Windows alternative - COM port monitoring software - Eltima Serial Port Monitor

Modbus software: test, monitoring and master emulation

What Modbus Software to choose for everyday work: Modbus RTU and test software for serial port monitoring and emulation. Find out how to split Modbus data between several applications and share Modbus over Ethernet. Updated in June 2018.

What is RS485? RS485 communication guide

Learn more about RS485 communication. What is RS485: main features of RS485 communication. How to monitor and analyze RS485 port activity with RS485 Tester app.

Serial Port Monitor as a COM port data emulator

Find out how to emulate COM port activity of serial devices with Serial Port Monitor acting as a COM port data emulator

Looking for HyperTerminal Alternative for Win 7, 10 or Vista?

We’ve described the optimal solution for IT professionals and users who need Windows HyperTerminal alternative for working with Windows 7, 10 and Vista. Find out about a dedicated serial terminal software offering a set of features for programming and debugging.

Main points about RS485. How to log RS485 activity.

This article covers some of the most commonly asked aspects of RS-485 communications and tells what RS485 communication is and how to efficiently analyze it. Learn more about RS485 Modbus protocol and how to log and analyze Modbus data.

A quick tutorial on RS485 and MODBUS

RS485 is a standard for serial data transmission. Data exchanged through RS485 interfacing primarily uses the MODBUS protocol. RS232 devices use text (ASCII) protocols. This difference implies that needs to know about the MODBUS when using RS485 communication devices.

Advanced Serial Port Monitor to read and record COM port data

Serial Port Monitor - an advanced professional utility to read and record COM port data. Find out how to create serial port monitor connection and use Advanced Serial Port Monitor for Windows for sniffing serial interfaces.

Best RS232 Monitor: Software and Hardware Solutions 2020

Check out the list of the best tools for serial port monitoring and find the optimal solutions for RS232 monitoring.

Complete serial port testing guide

Comprehensive COM port testing tutorial describes how to test serial port communications with RS232 testing software and perform loopback test in Hyperterminal.

How to log serial port data

How to use Serial Port Data Logger. Find out about how to record and log data from serial ports with efficient software and hardware solutions.

How to Read COM Port Data | Read RS232 Data

Reading the serial port. Find out about the optimal solution for reading data from COM port, follow simple steps to read and observe all serial port activity.