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How to create virtual serial port and where it is
being used?

A need for additional serial ports may arise when you cannot connect your legacy apps to serial equipment because there are not enough serial interfaces in a computer to attach all the required devices. In this case, the solution would eventually become creating virtual COM ports and sending data over them.

Virtual serial connections play one of the key roles in the process of managing remote serial interfaces. Once you create a virtual serial port, you can share it over TCP/IP, LAN, WiFi or the Internet so that any remote computer or device can connect to it wirelessly over any distance.

The simplest way to achieve this is by using a dedicated third-party solution like Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) that will help you create virtual RS232, RS422, RS485 interfaces in any quantity.

create virtual serial port

How it works

For instance, you may need to establish a serial communication between a COM port device and a serial app running on a server computer but have no free interface on the machine. All you need to do is integrate Eltima Port Virtualization Technology directly into the software program and hardware device. The technology will create a pair of virtual COM ports linked by a virtual null-modem cable and the serial communication will become possible. No additional hardware converters, wires, or cables are required. The dedicated technology will make your software and equipment talk to each other across the network.

One of the main advantages of this type of communication is that the distance between serial devices and computers does not matter. Whether your remote equipment is in another office, city, or country, you’ll be able to connect to it fast and securely.

serial communication

The really great thing about this highly flexible technology is that it can be customized according to the needs of virtually any serial product: software or hardware.

Some of the fields where Eltima Port Virtualization Technology has been successfully applied:

  • POS development. To provide POS systems with a single point of control, manufacturers of specialized POS apps and equipment add to their solutions the remote access capability. Integrated into all elements of POS system, Eltima Port Virtualization Technology allows various barcode scanners, terminals, printers, etc. to send data to a single data center for its further analysis and processing.

  • LIMS software. Eltima Port Virtualization Technology can also be implemented in medical equipment management systems (LIMS). Virtual connections created using the technology help specialists redirect data from medical equipment to remote isolated device management centers.

  • Farm management systems. EPVT is used to improve and optimize farm management processes. The solution gives the way to control and operate farm devices (e.g. automatic mixers, feeding modules, food dispensers, etc.) remotely.

  • OBD and transport diagnostic systems. With the help of Eltima Port Virtualization Technology, service center specialists, as well as usual drivers, can monitor every switch, button, and sensor in a vehicle from any remote location.

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