Access Drawing Tablet via RDP

A drawing or graphics tablet is a computer input device for creating and editing images with a stylus, closely related to a pen in shape. Holding a stylus in hand is much easier than holding a mouse; it thus allows a great degree of precision when drawing images.

Drawing Tablet

As we know, hand-drawn work is really popular these days and gives a more personal touch to your projects. Also, if you secure to the tablet surface a piece of paper with an image on it, the tablet can trace the image – this is called digitizing and often used for capturing handwritten signatures.

When and why one might need to access a drawing tablet via RDP? The problem with Remote Desktop Protocol is that it does not allow connecting to local USB ports and using devices connected to them. Also, you might have to run Photoshop or other application for working with graphics over RDP. How do you do it?

To access USB digitizer in RDP session one needs a special application called USB Network Gate.

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USB Network Gate

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USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate is specialized software for connecting remote usb devices over the network, and especially accessing drawing tablets in the remote desktop sessions.

One of the prominent features of USB Network Gate that users of the graphics tablets will find useful is its ability to isolate shared USB devices from other users which will especially be useful in the environment with lots of users, just like an RDP server.

Digital Art Board in remote desktop

This is what you have to do to access graphic tablet over RDP with the help of USB Network Gate:

  1. Download and install USB Network Gate on both machines – the computer that needs access to pen tablet over RDP and the computer that has the tablet physically connected to it.
  2. Pen Tablet over RDP
  3. On the latter machine launch the application and navigate to ‘Devices’ tab. Find the tablet in the list of devices and click ‘Share’ next to it. Use ‘Settings’ to change parameters such as the port number, encryption, etc., if required.
  4. Now launch the app on the other machine, go to ‘Devices’ tab and locate the drawing tablet there, click ‘Connect’.

That’s it! Now you can use the drawing pad over Remote Desktop Protocol – create and edit images in a convenient way, just the way you would draw with a pencil
and paper.

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USB Network Gate
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