Serial port communication in C#

Serial port communication in C#

C# is a modern, object-oriented, multi-purpose programming language that has gained popularity since its introduction in 2000. This popular programming language is seen by some as an incremental step beyond the C++ language. As a general use language it can be used for many applications. One of these is the programming of the serial communications that occur between computer host systems and external devices. When programming computer applications that interact with peripheral devices you will need to implement serial port communication in C#.

Serial programming in C is a very popular method of developing device drivers. C# can also be used for driver development, which requires in-depth knowledge of operating system internals, APIs and low level debugging to ensure data is transmitted correctly. Serial port communication in C# has many applications in addition to device drivers. Any program that requires direct access to an external device can use C# to access the serial ports involved in the data transmission.

While C# is a stable language with implementations on many operating systems, the interaction with serial ports will have distinct methods for each OS. This can add complexity to your project and may demand specialized programming skills which are not readily available.

The majority of an application will most likely not involve accessing a serial port with C# or C. When you do need this functionality it is critical, and not always handy in the toolbox of your team’s programmers. Your whole application development schedule can be delayed as your team struggles with the complexities of some obscure bugs in your serial connections.

Eltima Software can solve your C# programming problems

Eltima Software offers a team of experienced C, C++, and C# programmers to assist you with successfully completing any size project. We have been helping clients for over 15 years and have extensive knowledge of the potential pitfalls of serial communication in C. Eltima Software has brought several products to market that focus on the monitoring, sharing and emulation of serial ports.

Eltima Software solves C# programming problems

Take advantage of the wealth of skill and experience in C# serial port communication that the Eltima Port Virtualization Technology can bring to your software development project. See how we can integrate the experience with C# and serial ports into your project and streamline your application’s serial communications. This frees you up to concentrate on the other aspects of your project while ensuring that your serial communications have been implemented by a world-class team of programmers.

Here can see a good example of how to program a virtual COM port using Visual Basic and Visual C ++

Full end-to-end support of your project is available, and the engineers at Eltima can develop for any popular platform like Windows, Linux, IOS ,and Linux. Our language skills also extend beyond the C family if you have other programming needs. Get in touch with Eltima today and see how they can help you successfully complete your software development project.

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