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NOTE! Serial Port ActiveX works with Windows 2000, Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit) only.

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Serial Port ActiveX
Serial Port programming library

Serial Port ActiveX Control is a powerful and versatile ActiveX component that lets you control serial ports, manage them and track their activity. It is a great alternative to complicated WinAPI for serial ports.

In Serial Port ActiveX you will find diverse methods to read/write to and from serial ports, plenty of properties for advanced configuration of serial ports as well as the complete range of events to control them. Integrating Serial Port ActiveX in your own software is quite easy thanks to sample code for major development environments that is bundled with our component.

With Serial Port ActiveX you can

  • Communicate with external devices

    Serial Port ActiveX Control is designed to communicate with external devices, connected via RS232/422/485, such as modems, bar code readers, PBX, medical instruments, IrDA, Bluetooth and USB serial devices and so on.
  • Fully control serial port activity

    Our Serial Port component features a variety of events, methods and properties to let you fully track serial port activity. You will see when a port was opened or closed, which data was sent or received and so on immediately. You can change serial port timeouts, lice and handflow control, line signals and special characters directly from your application.
  • Manage serial port signal lines

    All hardware signal lines (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, DCD, etc.) are fully supported.
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Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Full features list

Flexible set of ActiveX methods and properties for advanced control of all serial ports
Wide selection of supported events
Full signal lines support (DTR/DSR/RTS/CTS/Ring)
Extensive serial port configuration management (Baudrate, Databits, Parity, Flow Control, StopBits)
Ability to set up control characters and timeouts for serial port
You can easily receive all the details about the port your application works with: controller type, supported protocols, adjustable settings, etc.
Any number of ports can be controlled at the same time
Read/write to serial port various types of data: string, binary, byte array of VARIANTS (for ASP), etc
Ability to set up serial port settings within a single string (9600-N-8-1)
Easily get the list of all available ports in a system and open any
Custom Software Development
Whether you’re looking at modifying functionality of our current software solutions or developing a new product from scratch, we can make it happen!
What customers say
    • 4.9
    Eltima’s Serial Port ActiveX perfectly suits our needs, saves us loads of time and helps to keep the costs down. Ability to set up control characters and timeouts for serial ports is a plus for us.
    Karl Ballou Karl Ballou

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Serial Port ActiveX Control
Serial Port programming library
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