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Serial to Ethernet Connector Licenses

Whether you're looking at redistributing our Serial port redirection engine as a part of your product or considering Serial to Ethernet Connector software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.

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SDK License

Serial to Ethernet Connector Engine Right Inside Your App
SDK License permits you to embed Serial to Ethernet Connector into your own software or hardware products.

• Legally distribute our technology as a part of your software package for an additional fee. The Distribution License Fee is charged for each integration separately and will depend on the number of computers, servers, and hard drives on which you wish to install SDK.

• Electronic Team is able to create a custom version of Serial to Ethernet Connector specifically for your needs. Email us for details.
  • SDK package contents

  • Supported IDEs

SDK For Developers
Sign up for the API evaluation program and integrate it into your product on Windows or Linux.

Source Code License

Ordering Source Code license for Serial to Ethernet Connector you receive all extensively commented programming source code (GUI sources are not included). Our leading developers will help you implement Source codes and understand the advanced part of the product.

Read our Source Code license terms and conditions

Site Licensing

If you know the certain number of computers to be equipped with Serial to Ethernet Connector you may consider obtaining Site License. The advantage of Site Licensing comparing to multiple Single licenses is one license key for all company computers.