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USB Network Gate Corporate offers

Whether you're looking at redistributing our USB redirection engine as a part of your product or considering USB Network Gate software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.

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WB Group

SDK License

Our USB Redirection Engine Right Inside Your App
By integrating our components into your industry-specific products you can automate maintenance tasks and provide only the features your customers need. Additionally, you can legally distribute our technology as part of your software package for an extra fee. This Distribution License Fee is charged per integration and will vary based on the number of computers, servers, and hard drives, on which you want to install the SDK. You can also receive priority technical support provided by Electronic Team, Inc.

Read our SDK license terms and conditions

Company License

Convenient, Cost-Effective
Need to license USB Network Gate for your whole company? Company-wide License is the most cost-effective way for people across an organization to work with the USB Network Gate software.

Main benefits:
• Flexible adding of new users at any time.
• Reduced administration overhead. Company license is a single contract dealing with only one software license key, not one key for each individual user.

Read our Company license terms and conditions

Source Code License

Deep Integration & Customization
This license will give you the ability to modify core functionality of the USB Network Gate in any way you need, provide deep integration of our technology into your project and support it in the unheard of situation of Electronic Team, Inc. failing to do so.

Note: you can’t distribute sources or make them publicly available in any way and before you purchase the source code we will enter a legal and binding agreement regulating intellectual property rights and including other protections for both parties.

Read our standard Source Code License terms and conditions