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Virtual COM Port Driver
Create virtual COM port pairs and emulate serial ports

Windows Virtual COM Port driver allows creating virtual COM ports and connecting them via virtual null modem cable. This way apps or apps and devices can exchange data back and forth. Virtual COM port software creates ports that behave exactly the same way the real ones do, so there is no difference for apps that work with serial devices. With this COM port driver you will never run out of ports - you can create as many virtual ports as needed. There is an OEM license available for our virtual COM port software so you can fully integrate it with your own software solution.
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Main features of Virtual COM Port Driver
Virtual Serial Port Driver

Unlimited virtual COM ports

Windows virtual COM port driver allows an unlimited number of virtual COM ports to be created. The created ports will be placed in "ports" group in Device Manager and will be easily recognized by communicating software and hardware. There is the possibility to manage access rights for different applications. The main benefit is that hardware ports don't have to be used at all with virtual COM port technology.

Emulation of real COM ports

Our virtual COM port driver knows how to create virtual COM port pairs so that they work exactly like the real ones. All real COM port settings are fully emulated with strict baudrate and HandFlow control and a serial line break. WDM, WMI, Power Management, PnP are all supported thanks to an advanced Windows kernel driver technology. Virtual COM port works on Windows 10, is compatible with API COM and supports all Windows messages.

Signal lines support

Standard hardware signal lines (DTR/DSR, RING, ERROR, RTS/CTS, DCD, etc.) are supported and just as in real connection DTR is connected with DSR or DCD, and RTS of a local port connects to CTS of a remote port. You have the possibility of selecting an existing loopback pinout or creating your own (based on your hardware configuration).
Virtual COM Port Driver PRO features
Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is an efficient all-in-one software based on Virtual Serial Port Driver functionality. The program helps create bundles of virtual serial ports and set custom port parameters, which makes the solution ideally suited for a great variety of usage scenarios. Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO provides you with the ability to manage real and virtual COM ports in the most convenient and easy way.
Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO
  • Serial port splitting

    Using Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO lets you split a serial port (e.g. COM 1) into several virtual communications ports (COM2, COM3, COM4, etc.). Each virtual COM port is presented to the system as an exact copy of the physical serial interface. The software also enables multiple applications to share the same hardware serial port. More than one serial applications can all access the same COM ports and any attached device.
  • Joining COM ports

    This Virtual COM Port software solution enables you to link one physical port with several virtual COM ports. A serial application that is connected to the physical serial port can simultaneously receive data from all joined virtual COM ports. In a nutshell, this advanced feature allows you to redirect data from multiple devices to a single application.
  • Creating bundle connections

    The Pro version of this COM Port Emulation software allows creation and management of complex bundles of serial ports. Using this feature lets serial data to be transmitted in and out by unlimited virtual and physical COM ports. Serial data received on the ‘IN’ side of a COM port can be redirected to all serial ports on the ‘OUT’ side of the bundle and vice versa.

    Hardware control line management is facilitated by setting the Main Port for both the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides of a bundle.
  • Switching ports automatically

    If your application can only operate with a limited number of ports, a feature of this Virtual COM Port Driver software called Switcher is available. This option allows you to connect several physical ports into a single virtual port and then create a switcher to the virtual COM port in your application. You can also use the same name for all of your ports.

    Now when your application needs a serial port connection the switcher finds an open COM port in the list of connected ports and offers it to the program. Your application can then automatically talk to any open serial port as though it was always the same port.
  • Merging COM ports

    Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO has another advanced feature that lets you add unlimited physical and virtual COM ports to a serial port bundle that is not divided into ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides. All data sent to one port is duplicated to all real and virtual ports that are part of the bundle. This feature enables all applications and devices to simultaneously exchange data with multiple other applications or devices.

Compare STANDARD and PRO versions

1 Create virtual com ports in unlimited numbers
2 Complete emulation of hardware control lines and physical serial port settings
3 Splitting a single virtual or physical COM port into several virtual ports
4 An unlimited number of physical or virtual COM ports can be merged into a single virtual serial port
5 Creating complex port bundles
6 Allows deletion of ports in use by other applications
7 High-Speed two-way data transfer with a virtual serial port
8 Forward serial traffic from a physical port to a different physical or virtual port
9 Strict baudrate emulation
10 Standard, loopback and custom virtual null-modem schemes are available
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  • We are using VSPD for testing out Geographic Information System software connectivity with a virtual GPS (software simulation). The GPS emulator is simulating the output we normally receive from a GPS navigator.
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Virtual COM Port Driver for Windows

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