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UART Data Logger
Monitor, log and analyze UART dataflow

UART Data Logger is software for monitoring activities of ports used by UART devices. Not only it allows you to monitor data exchanged between a device and an application via UART interface, you can also log it for further study and analysis. This information is critical for identifying potential problems while developing applications and drivers, testing and optimizing various devices.

This UART monitor software also offers additional functionality such as advanced filters and search feature, data export and native Terminal. This is an entirely software solution that requires no hardware to function.

It is available in three editions – Standard, Professional and Company.

Here is what you can do with UART Logger:

  • Monitor UART communication

    The software allows you to connect to any serial port in the system, even if it is already being in use by an application. With this UART monitor, you can start checking the port’s activities right away.
  • Log UART data

    Obtained data is logged in a real time mode; you can copy it to clipboard or create a separate file, if required. The data includes IOCTLs (input/output codes) and their detailed parameters.
  • Monitor multiple ports at a time

    It is possible to observe activities of several RS232/ UART ports in one session, analyzing collected data is easy cause it is recorded on a first-in-first-out basis. Monitoring sessions can be saved, and you can load them whenever required.
  • View data conveniently

    UART Sniffer provides four viewing modes – table, line, dump or terminal. Each of them presents data in a different way; choose the one that suits your requirements. Advanced filters help you view only relevant data.
  • Simulate sending data

    UART Analyzer emulates transferring data to a device on behalf of the monitored application. You can choose one of the following formats – string, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal or mixed. This is a good way of checking how a monitored device responds to a specific command.

UART Data Logger allows you to:

Connect to a port currently being in use by another app (available in Professional and Company versions)
Work with Windows 10 (x32 and x64)
Make use of digitally signed internal drivers and apps
Watch several ports at a time
Add a few ports to a single session
Work with all types of serial ports – standard on-board, extension board, virtual, Bluetooth, USB to SERIAL cradles, etc.
Log detailed information on the process of data transmission and capture it in a real-time mode
Transfer data of different formats, use aliases to speed up the input, send files and repeat in a loop commands and functions, makes on-the-fly changes in the parameters of serial ports (available in Professional and Company versions)
View data in various modes – table, line, dump and terminal
Log in and out data streams

Corporate, OEM & Source code

Whether you're looking at redistributing our UART Data Logger technology as a part of your product or considering UART Data Logger software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.

Source License

Ordering Source license for UART Data Logger you receive all extensively commented programming source code (GUI sources are not included). Our leading developers will help you implement Source codes and understand the advanced part of the product.

Read our Source license terms and conditions

Compare STANDARD and PRO/Company versions

# Feature Standard Pro/Company
1 Monitoring serial ports which are already in use
2 Sending/receiving data to/from any COM port (Advanced Send Dialog)
3 The possibility to change COM port parameters from Advanced Send Dialog
4 Any serial port software/hardware can be analyzed
5 Monitor any number of serial ports at once
6 Supports all COM-port types
7 Intercepts all data read from/written to COM port
8 Built-in search
9 4 types of customizable monitoring visualizers for viewing and logging data
10 Incoming and outgoing data streams logging
Custom Software Development
Whether you’re looking at modifying functionality of our current software solutions or developing a new product from scratch, we can make it happen!
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    • 4.8
    Without the UART Data Logger from Electronic Team, I would not have been able to easily and quickly see the operation of the several serial ports carrying data to the navigation program...
    Jon Kinne Jon Kinne

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