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Best Serial Port Redirector Solutions

Olga Weis Olga Weis Sep 5, 2020

What is COM port redirector?

A COM port redirector is a specialized software application that enables remote access to peripheral devices by redirecting COM data over a network. Serial port redirector interfaces with your network software to provide extended capabilities regarding locally attached COM devices.

Here are the five best software solutions that allow you to redirect COM ports over a network:

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COM Port Redirector by Electronic Team, Inc.

Redirect serial ports over Ethernet
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

COM Port Redirector lets you share a single COM port and its attached device with multiple network-connected computers no matter where they are located. This versatile virtual serial port redirector app enables up to 500 serial port devices to be shared over a network. You can use a company LAN or the Internet to remotely work with any type of serial device that can communicate with your machine. Both the remote physical ports and virtual interfaces created by the software appear as actual ports with a direct connection to your computer.

There are multiple benefits that can be achieved through the use of the COM port redirector utility. Peripheral devices attached to a network-connected computer can be used by any other computer that is on the same network. COM port redirector software can also solve the problem of connecting to serial devices from computers that are not equipped with COM ports.

With RS232 port redirection, remote devices are presented to users as if they had a direct connection to the peripheral and enables them to access their full functionality.

COM Port Redirector features:

  • The tool’s server capabilities easily redirect serial ports over a TCP/IP network.
  • Client connections enable remote computers to access and use network-attached serial devices.
  • The TCP serial port redirector supports both Windows and Linux systems.
  • The UDP/IP transport protocol is fully supported for port redirection.
  • Virtual environments such as Hyper-V and VMWare can take advantage of COM port redirection.

Electronic Team's COM Port Redirector can be run on Windows and Linux systems.

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Serial Port Redirector by FabulaTech LLP

Serial Port Redirector by FabulaTech LLP is an RS232 port redirector application that enables remote access to COM devices attached to a TCP/IP-based network. Virtual serial ports are created and the utility redirects all data transmission to the port to a host specified with an IP-address and TCP-port.

Serial Port Redirector interface

Serial Port Redirector is usually used to enable a connection to serial devices by a remote client. Virtual serial ports are created on the local side to establish communication. An IP-address and TCP-port on a remote machine are specified to configure the virtual interface. The connection between host and client is established immediately upon communication software opening the local virtual serial port.

A Hardware Serial Device Server is deployed on the remote side to accept the incoming network connection from the Ethernet COM port redirector. It forwards the data stream and control signals to an attached COM device.

Serial Port Redirector by FabulaTech LLP can only be run on Windows systems.

Secure Com Port Redirector by Lantronix

Secure Com Port Redirector (SCPR) is a software solution that establishes secure communication between a computer and peripheral devices attached to a serial port. It allows legacy equipment to be used securely throughout an organization.

Secure Com Port Redirector Configuration

The software uses advanced encryption algorithms and TCP/IP protocols to map Lantronix device servers to virtual COM ports. Data is encrypted at both ends of the connection, allowing fully secure communication over the Internet or local networks. Data security is persevered, enabling the devices to be managed from any network-attached computer.

- The software only supports the Windows operating system.
- Device servers must support the Rijndael AES encryption protocol to use the virtual COM port redirector.

SERIAL-TCP/IP by CommFront

Serial-TCP/IP lets you access control systems remotely by redirecting serial port traffic. It facilitates analysis of TCP/IP networks with pre-defined "Ping", "Data Logging”, ”Resolve IP Address / HostName", and "COM Port State LEDs" features.

Serial Port Redirector interface

It is a valuable tool for technicians who need to test and debug serial hardware and software solutions.

- The program is limited to support of Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32 and 64 bits) operating systems.
- SERIAL-TCP/IP has a free license but it can only be used for non-commercial projects.

Serial/IP® Virtual Serial Port Redirector by Tactical Software

Tactical’s Serial Port Redirector provides the same level of functionality to network-attached serial devices as that furnished by a local connection. The software creates virtual serial interfaces which it makes available to Windows compatible applications. Serial servers from over 30 manufacturers are supported by the software solution.

Virtual Serial Port Redirector by Tactical Software interface

This tool lets you use virtual ports to replace local COM ports by adding them through the app’s control panel.

Features include:

  • the ability to open, read, and enter virtual COM ports through a standard application programming interface,
  • monitoring serial port operation,
  • transmitting data streams,
  • and automatically creating TCP / IP connections to the serial server.

Remote access is accomplished by accepting the Serial / IP Redirector connection and converting the data streams which are then transmitted to the server ports. Serial servers can be replaced by wireless modems when configuring the environment.

Serial/IP® Virtual Serial Port Redirector by Tactical Software only supports the Windows OS.

Uses of COM port redirection technology

Here are some usage scenarios that demonstrate the benefits of using Electronic Team’s COM Port Redirector with Linux and Windows systems.

  1. Sharing a serial port device from your computer can easily be done by installing COM Port Redirector. Once you have the solution set up, all client computers on your network can use the devices as if they were directly connected to the machines. Your PC becomes a server with multiple clients which can be very helpful for sending data back and forth to a serial device. Sharing a COM port device
  2. Another way to use this versatile software solution is to connect a serial application running on one machine to a device attached to a second computer. Both computers need to have COM Port Redirector installed for this to work. The application can use the virtual port created on the target PC to access and interact with the remote peripheral. With the Telnet protocol selected, an app can manage all the remote port settings as if it was physically attached to the device. Connect a serial application
  3. COM Port Redirector can also be used to establish communication between apps on two machines where employing a null-modem cable is not possible. The key is that both computers need to be connected to the same local network or the Internet. Then, port redirector technology can be used to create virtual COM ports on both machines and the applications can use them to communicate with each other. The functionality will be the same as if they had a physical null-modem cable connection. Establish communication between serial apps
  4. If there is a device located remotely that supports the Telnet (RFC 2217) protocol, you can work with it as if it is a local device with COM Port Redirector. Install the software on your computer and connect to the remote device over the network to achieve full functionality over the peripheral equipment. Supports the Telnet
  5. Finally, let’s look at a situation where you have a device connected to a local computer which is acting as the server. You also have an application that needs to communicate with the device but is not compatible with the server’s operating system. You also have a virtual environment on the second computer which can run the required operating system. Redirect serial device to virtual machine

You can share the locally attached device with the virtual machine by installing COM Port Redirector on the VM and creating a virtual serial port. All you need to do now is to specify the server’s IP address and TCP port to establish connectivity. From that point on, all data sent from the locally attached serial device will be redirected to the virtual environment. Your application can then use the data for further processing or analysis.

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