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This section contains articles about Eltima's network technologies for serial and USB communications, USB/COM port virtualization software, as well as products for remote management of specialized equipment, peripheral devices, and storage systems. Tags provided below each post will take you to relevant articles that may be of interest.

USB cables - USB 2.0 cables - A-B USB cables

Find out about USB cable limitations and how to break it. USB extension cables and accessing USB devices via Network

5 Things You Must Know About Virtual Serial Port Technology in 2018

Virtual RS232 Technology to create virtual COM port. Emulate Serial Port with virtual port emulator software.

What is network protocol? Common network protocols and their purpose.

Find out what is a protocol and what types of network protocols exist

Main points about null modem

Get all basic information about RS232 null modem cable: what is the purpose of a null modem cable and how to emulate null-modem connections.

Null Modem cable vs. "Straight" serial cable. Null Modem emulation

The Difference Between a Null Modem and Straight Through Serial Cable. Find out how to emulate Null Modem functionality

RS232 Pinout and Specifications Guide

In this guide, we’ll tell you the all about RS232 Serial Communication Protocol: RS232 Pinout and Specifications, RS-232 connectors types...

What is a USB port hub used for? Main types and features of USB hubs

The main features and types of USB port hubs. Micro USB hub and USB 2.0 hub - how to choose the best USB hub

Serial Port Utilities

Serial port utilities are dedicated software developed for testing and optimizing RS232 port communication. This article covers the most efficient COM port utilities which help serial software and hardware developers at different stages of their work.

Serial Communication Programming Tutorial [Eltima Software]

Serial port programming. Implementing a programming language for working with Virtual Serial Port Driver.

What is RS232 DB9 serial port | RS232 pinout

The basic principles of RS232 serial port layout and function. Find out how serial port works with the help of the serial mouse

Types of serial port connections

Find out more information about serial connection and types of serial connectors types - hardware serial port, and how to access serial ports over the network with the software for serial communication.

Custom Software Development by Eltima Software

Eltima Specialists are ready to help everyone who needs to develop custom software. All kinds of custom software development services.