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Virtual USB
Access remote
USB devices

Various USB peripherals, making our daily life comfortable, communicate with computers via USB ports. Webcams, printers, scanners, flash drives as well as many other devices, serving us everyday, can be found connected to your machine. It might happen, however, that it’s not possible to attach a USB peripheral directly to your computer when you need to make use of it. Is there any way to connect to a USB device remotely? Yes, you can do this with USB Network Gate. This dedicated software is capable of virtualizing your device so that you can access it, no matter where you are.


  1. Manage devices from different platforms

  2. Software multiple capabilities
  3. How it works

Universal tool for cross-platform USB device management

Being a cross-platform solution, USB Network Gate allows you to share a VPN USB device attached to your Mac, for example, and access the device’s contents from a computer running Linux OS and vice versa.
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USB Network Gate

Share USB over Ethernet on Windows
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Download 14-day trial, You can share only 1 local USB-device
USB Network Gate

The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Just install the respective version of the software on all machines, involved in the communication, and enjoy managing your USB peripherals from any part
of the world.

Here’s what you can achieve with USB Network Gate:

  • Create virtual USB port on your machine and access your virtual USB device. When a real USB port with a device attached is shared on your computer, the app actually virtualizes the device so that you can access it from a remote machine via a “virtual USB port”. Create virtual USB port
  • Connect a virtual USB dongle to a blade server or a virtual machine. With the software installed on a guest operating system, you can access all USB devices shared on a host computer from your virtual machine. USB Network Gate supports VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop, and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization software.
  • Virtual USB dongle to a virtual machine
  • Access your local devices over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). The app enables you to work with any shared USB device, be it a virtual USB storage, a virtual USB hub, or any other USB peripheral, in a remote session. Access USB devices over RDP
  • Manage your remote USB devices over Wi-Fi. By sharing a device with the help of the software, you can make it available for remote access via Wi-Fi without changing your existing network configuration.
  • To start sharing USB over VPN or other networks, follow these steps:

    1. Download and install USB Network Gate;
    2. Launch the app and switch to the “Remote USB Devices” tab;
    3. Choose the device that you need from the list and click “Connect”. Please keep in mind that you may be asked to enter a connection password, set by the owner of the shared device.
    4. Once the connection is established, the device appears in the Device Manager of your system. Now you can make use of its functionality as if it was physically connected to your machine.

USB Network Gate

Run on 32-bit and 64-bit: Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016/2019
Also available on macOS, Linux OS and Android , 5.45MB size
Version 9.2.2372 (18 Apr, 2021) Release notes
Category: Network Software