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How to split Modbus data

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 10, 2019
Split Modbus data


  1. What is Modbus?
  2. Common problem
  3. Software Modbus splitter
  4. How to split Modbus data over virtual COM ports
  5. Key features of the solution

What is Modbus?

Modbus is a common serial communication protocol created by Modicon systems for transmitting data between electronic devices. This protocol is one of the most popular ways to connect industrial equipment and not only. A standard Modbus network includes one Modbus Master - the device that requests data and around 247 Slaves that send information to the Master. Each Slave has its own unique address and communicates with the Master via serial lines.

Common problem

If you’ve ever set up a Modbus network, you know that the protocol allows transmitting data from multiple devices to a single controller or a server system equipped with Modbus driver. Multiple sensors can supply Modbus data to a server machine via a communications port (let’s say COM1) which is controlled by a serial app. The bad news: opening the receiving port in more than one app at a time is often a real challenge. The good news: there’s a software solution that can help you achieve this goal.

Software Modbus splitter

The dedicated solution - RS485 Splitter by Electronic Team - will let you create virtual RS485 ports and split Modbus data in such a way that all ports will receive the same data simultaneously. This means you’ll be able to duplicate data coming in on COM1 to say virtual COM2, COM3, COM4, and so on. Connected to virtual copies of COM1, several apps will, in fact, get shared access to the real serial port.
How to read and record Modbus data read in our article.

Modbus data Splitter software

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO lets you split and join RS485 ports, redirect the data from one port to another, and create complex port bundles.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

Split Modbus data between several apps
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Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

With this Modbus data splitter software, you can have as many virtual COM interfaces as you need. What is especially important is that all of them will completely emulate the parameters and configuration of the original hardware ports.

Step-by-step guide:

To split one physical RS485 port into several virtual ones, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO and install it on your machine.
  2. Start the app. Open the “Split” tab and select "Split real port". Bundle tree
  3. Select the real port that needs to be duplicated, add virtual ports (that will communicate with the split real port) by clicking the "Plus" button. You can create and add as many virtual ports as you need.
  4. Choose a virtual port to set as main in the bundle and click "Set main".
  5. Finally, click the "Create" button and your COM port bundle will automatically appear in the Bundle tree.

That’s it! Now, Modbus data coming into the real serial port will be sent to all virtual ports and applications connected to them.

Also, as an alternative to splitting serial data, the solution can help you share one real port among multiple applications and set the access rights (“Read”, “Write”, and “Control”) for each of them.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is a versatile tool that can not only split Modbus protocol but also join several real ports into one virtual, redirect Modbus data from one COM port to another, create complex bundles of real and virtual ports, and more.

Let’s explore Modbus Splitter key capabilities

Joining Modbus data streams

Joining Modbus data streams
Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO provides the opportunity to join an unlimited number of serial ports into one virtual interface so that Modbus data from several devices can be sent to a single program controlling the port.

Many-to-many port connection

Establishing many-to-many port connection
The aspect of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO that's particularly unique is that the software gives the way to create a complex bundle of real and virtual ports where multiple ports of the “In” side can communicate with multiple ports of the “Out” side. In addition, you can set “main port” for each side (IN/OUT) to manage control lines of a corresponding serial port.

Creating port switcher

Creating port switcher
If your serial app can work with a limited number of ports, the software solution will allow you to connect several real ports to one virtual for their further automatic switching. Once you create a switcher to this virtual port in your app, VSPD PRO will automatically detect a free port among joined real interfaces and assign it to the program.

As you can see, Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO can be really helpful for those who work with Modbus as well as RS-232, RS-485, and RS-422 communication protocols. The software offers different scenarios of port bundles creation and setting custom port parameters. Additionally to unique features of standard Virtual Serial Port Driver, this program combines the advanced capabilities of three other Electronic Team products: Serial Splitter, Shared Serial Ports, and COM Port Redirector. VSPD PRO is the optimal solution for a wide range of serial port communication tasks.

Find more information in our Modbus Software guide where we describe the best utilities for testing and monitoring Modbus protocol.

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Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO
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