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COM Port in Virtual Machine - Extended guide for Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox

Olga Weis Olga Weis Dec 26, 2021

The virtual environment offers many benefits including server consolidation, increased utilization and faster recovery times after failure. A physical machine can host multiple virtual machines, and all of them may share peripherals, resources, and serial port connections. Forwarding serial to VMware, Hyper-V or any other environments makes the serial port hardware usage more efficient.

If you or any applications on the virtual machine you are working on have to have access to a serial port on host OS, Serial to Ethernet Connector is one of the easiest ways to connect COM port in virtual machine. It runs Linux or Windows. With the help of the software tool you will have an opportunity to get access to COM in VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, or any other virtual environment.

access COM in Virtual machine

How to enable COM ports in a virtual machine

For those interested in using COM in virtual machine environments, the below guide will teach you how to access COM port in virtual machines easily and quickly.

Follow the steps below to enable virtual machine serial port sharing capabilities:
Download and install Serial to Ethernet Connector onto the computer sharing the COM port;
Launch Serial to Ethernet Connector;
Open the Server connection tab;
Specify the host machine’s COM port;
Specify the TCP port being used to monitor the digital communication;
 Serial to Ethernet Connector
Hit Create server connection;
Connect the serial port into the virtual machine;
Go to the Client connection tab on the guest OS accessing the port download;
Configure both the TCP port defined during server creation, as well as the host computer’s IP address;
Prior to enabling the Create as virtual serial port option, choose the desired name for the virtual machine’s serial interface;
Hit Create client connection;

Now you can easily access COM port in virtual machine environments. Once users establish a client connection successfully, the Serial to Ethernet Connector app unites the virtual interface with the host’s physical serial port, and the guest VM gains total functionality over connected serial devices.

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Access Serial Ports in Hyper-V

Hyper-V Manager never displays COM so you would not even know whether you have them or not. For a serial port to virtual machine connectivity users must perform some additional steps to get the COM port in Hyper-V.

For those seeking for native Hyper-V COM port passthrough option, we prepared the guide with numerous supplementary settings.

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Work with Serial Ports in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is another virtualization software that can come in handy for creating virtual serial ports in a virtual machine. After you enable a VirtualBox serial port, the guest operating system gets a UART device, which makes it possible to receive and send data via a serial connection. The configuration details of each connection may differ based on the host OS.

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VMware serial port access

VMware offers its own method to connect the host’s peripherals to a virtual machine. With VMware, you are able to create from 1 to 4 virtual serial ports in your VM. After being added, the virtual ports give you a way to communicate with real serial ports residing on your host machine and to output to a file or a named pipe.

Why use VMware for serial port connection? The scenarios are many. For example, it would let you control your modem or printer from a guest OS. Or you could exchange data between a virtual and real or two virtual machines when debugging a serial port device, etc.

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