How to access remote RS232 over IP/TCP

Darun Smith

A problem of enabling a remote access to an RS232 device over IP network arises when you need to connect to your local computer a serial device that is not in your physical proximity. It is not as difficult as it seems to be at first glance – as long as your local and remote computers are connected over network, e.g. a local network or the Internet. Solving it does not require purchasing a very long cable or trying out sophisticated tricks, but special software. Things are much simpler with Serial to Ethernet Connector; this application enables you to provide access to RS232 port over IP/TCP/Internet regardless of how far Server and Client computers are located from each other.

Share RS232 over IP network

Let us have a look at the following scenario: there is a serial device connected to your local machine, and you want it to talk to an app on a remote computer in your network. Serial to Ethernet Connector (SEC) makes it possible by creating a virtual connection to RS232 over IP, Ethernet or any other network. Install the software on the Server (in this case your local PC) and Client (a remote computer that needs access to a device) machines. SEC will create a virtual bridge between the app on the remote machine and RS232 over IP thus allowing them to communicate.

Serial to Ethernet Connector

If you need to share a remote RS232 over Ethernet, access a remote RS232 via IP network, SEC is the solution you need. Install it on all your machines in the network, this will connect RS232 port to network and the functionality of a device connected to the port or the data stored on it will be available to all users in the network.

Working with serial devices with the help of SEC is no different from working with them when they are physically inserted into your machine.

How to use Serial to Ethernet Connector:

  1. Download the application.
  2. Install it on all computers in your network (or virtual machines with apps that need access to serial ports).
  3. Select “Create Server Connection” option in the app’s main window.
  4. Configure connection parameters.
  5. Create a client connection on a remote computer.

That’s it – you can now start working with a remote RS232 port over network.

The app supports Windows and Linux. Note, that the Linux version is the command-line one.

Serial to Ethernet Connector

Requirements:Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10/Server 2012 , 4.66MB size
Version 7.1.876 () Release notes