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Best Remote assistance software

Olga Weis Olga Weis
Apr 20, 2021

HelpWire was introduced by Electronic Team as an innovative solution which lets technicians connect to not only remote computers but directly to USB and COM port devices plugged into them. This revolutionary capability opens a myriad of new opportunities to providers of remote support and diagnostics.

Today in 2022 we’ve got hundreds of solutions designed to facilitate the process of technical assistance. And the more apps appear in the market the harder it becomes to choose the right solution that will satisfy all your needs.

To help you make the right decision, below we offer a brief overview of the most popular and efficient remote support tools available nowadays.

The Best remote assistance software

With a proper remote support app, you get the ability to not only serve more customers in a shorter lapse of time but provide the proactive maintenance of your clients’ systems. More than that, increased scalability of your operations will bring profit to your company in the long run.

A modern remote support program is just what you need to keep your job in your hands: no need to change locations, make personal visits, or develop solutions from the scratch.

As a result, the costs of traveling and completing tasks independently are eliminated, and your working hours become more profitable. By resolving more client issues with fewer efforts, you scale your business in such a way that you produce more benefits for your company as well as your customers.

Remote support software with access to devices


The first place in our list of the best remote assistance software takes a unique tool called HelpWire.

Now, by using this handy tool, your company can virtualize remote devices and make them appear in your local PCs as though the devices were attached physically to those machines. What’s great is that it requires nothing more than just a few clicks away.


Here’s how remote assistance works with HelpWire:

  1. A customer simply attaches the equipment that needs to be fixed to a computer running HelpWire and shares the device across the Internet.

  2. A support operator connects to the client’s malfunctioning device wirelessly using the software and gets full access to the device.

  3. Then, the expert diagnoses and fixes the remote equipment in real time and, once finished, ends the session with the client who then gets automatically disconnected from the operator’s PC.

As one possible example, we’ll consider remote reprogramming of hearing aid devices.

People suffering from hearing loss often require that an audiologist fine-tunes their devices and that’s where HelpWire can come in handy. The software makes it possible for a specialist to reprogram hearing aids remotely.

What HelpWire does is redirects the patient’s hearing aid accessory to the audiologist’s computer over the network and does it in such a way that the reprogramming software app running on the audiologist’s computer won’t even “know” that the USB isn’t directly connected to the audiologist machine. It will work with the remote device in the same way without any latency or hiccups.

HelpWire benefits HelpWire

So, as you see, HelpWire offers a host of benefits and here are just some of them:

Totally secure connections. Thanks to the advanced encryption the software deploys, it ensures high security of data transfer over any network. It lets you provide remote assistance over LAN, Ethernet, the Internet;

White labeling option. You can redistribute the app under your company’s logo and name, if you decide to adopt the solution within your own project;

Live chat. HelpWire lets users exchange comments in real time via a convenient communications chat;

Customization. The software is designed to be applied in a wide range of industries and, depending on your particular needs, Electronic Team specialists can provide the solution with additional functionality.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is another tool commonly found in remote assistance software reviews. It’s promoted to both individuals and teams of all sizes as a combined solution for remote device access, tech support, and online communication.

With ConnectWise Control Support, your tech team can manage, update, and fix clients’ devices remotely on a real time basis, hence issues will be detected sooner, problems will be solved faster, and overall client satisfaction level is going to grow like a beanstalk.
ConnectWise Control
One more notable benefit this remote support software has to offer is a vast selection of communication and collaboration utilities. Thanks to that, your technicians will be able to exchange ideas, pass files, assist each other directly, and even swap their tasks. This alone could’ve put ConnectWise Control among the best remote assistance software tools on the market. On the other hand, a very different picture emerges if you compare the best remote assistance software by price, as it’s by no means a budget-friendly option.

ConnectWise Control Benefits

✓ A monthly billing option.

✓ Easy access via the web-based interface.

✓ 7 days to try this great remote assistance software for free.

Remote assistant software to access remote desktop

CloudBerry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a free platform that is extremely efficient for remote desktop connections. The attraction of this tool lies in the fact that it comes with reliable SSL-encryption keeping your connections safe and secure.

Another advantage of this handy solution is the availability of a voice and text chat that is a big help when it comes to repairing the computer, updating apps, or resolving network issues. Thanks to this feature, technicians get the ability to provide their instructions while customers can respond on the success of the task.

So, whether you need to check some files on a remote PC, access information, or resolve your customer’s system issue, CloudBerry Remote Assistant will be the perfect remote access tool for you. Plus, the app has a very intuitive interface.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant
CloudBerry Remote Assistant benefits

✓ A cross-platform remote assistance software solution for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

✓ Within-session direct file transfer.

✓ A centralized web-based remote assistant software control panel for all your remote connections.

✓ Unattended Access feature to provide unattended technical support at any time.

Remote Support by BeyondTrust

In our short BeyondTrust Remote Support (former Bomgar) review, we’d like to point out that this app is one of the best solutions for protecting user credentials and endpoints from threats.

BeyondTrust Remote Support

As support teams of big enterprises often need administrative access to desktops and critical systems, the security of their remote support tools becomes one of the primary tasks. And Bomgar is the solution that can ensure the highest level of network protection. It offers two-factor authentication, advanced encryption, granular permissions, comprehensive audit trails, and more.

Remote Support is a remote access software designed to establish fast and reliable device-to-device connections so that digital security experts can do their job and not worry about any connection issues.

Benefits of Remote Support software

✓ Both mobile and desktop availability to support and access

✓ Knowledge Base Management

✓ Multi-Channel Communication

✓ Real-Time Chat

✓ ScreenSharing

Zoho Assist

Next on our list is Zoho Assist - an affordable online remote support and access platform. Zoho Assist is usually chosen by small and mid-sized businesses that need to support their clients located across the world.

This solution allows providing remote support to clients fast through web-based, on-demand sessions and eliminates the risk of delayed support even in case of slow Internet connection, which makes the platform extremely popular among both customers and support teams. The additional advantage of the app is the ability to manage unattended computers. What’s more, the platform is very easy to install and use.

It works as follows:

  1. A support specialist creates an online session and invites a client to it (via email).
  2. The client clicks on the link provided in the email, opens the session in the browser and (with one click of a button) installs a small plug-in for remote control of the computer.
  3. Then the technician can show something on their own computer or manage the client’s machine remotely.
Zoho Assist
Zoho Benefits

✓ Controlled remote desktop restart with a single-click reboot/reconnect feature.

✓ Easy navigation between remote computer’s monitors with the Multiple Monitor Support feature.

✓ A Schedule option to plan out remote support sessions at the most convenient time.

ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate is a modern platform for remote support and management of IT assets.

The product is aimed at small and medium IT teams looking for a way to increase their efficiency. This solution offers seamless ScreenConnect integration, thus allowing techs to provide remote support faster than ever. Thanks to this option, you get the ability to start a ScreenConnect remote control session from the ConnectWise Automate Computer Management screen.

ConnectWise Automate is a convenient way to compile data, audit and manage workstations, servers, printers, etc. What’s more, you can group IT assets by OS, application, or location. The platform is designed for efficient automation of device discovering process, monitoring for problems, and automating action.

ConnectWise Automate
ConnectWise Automate Benefits

✓ Continual updates for endpoint devices with a Patch management feature.

✓ Minimized downtime thanks to Remote monitoring.

✓ Instant new device recognition.

Splashtop Remote Support

This solution offers high-performance engine and global server infrastructure for establishing secure connections to remote desktops. The good thing about this remote desktop software is that all its remote sessions are encrypted with TLS and 256-bit AES. What is more, it comes with two-step verification and multi-level password security options. Splashtop solution is tailored for MSPs, IT, and service providers to support clients' PCs, and servers remotely. The platform will work well for both unattended and attended remote access.

Splashtop Remote Support
Splashtop main Benefits

✓ Simple access to applications of a remote desktop;

✓ Full access to the media library, files, applications, e-mails, games and even a video camera of the managed computer (allows you to view the images in real time);

✓ The high speed of image transmission and video streaming;

✓ You can configure remote maintenance of up to five computers (on the local network) from one tablet;

The drawback: the tablet and the computer must share the same network. For example, they can be connected to one Wi-Fi router.


TeamViewer is a software package that helps control shared computers remotely. Also, it lets users transfer files between PCs, establish video communications, and carry out web conferences.

TeamViewer runs on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, RT Windows, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 8.

In addition to direct communications, the solution allows creating connections through a firewall and NAT proxy. The tool can be used for free by non-commercial users. And there are also Business, Premium, and Corporate versions.

TeamViewer is an extremely powerful and highly accessible platform where control can be passed from one person to another, whereas in most similar apps control runs on a one-way street. Plus, the solution can be used with or without installation. In the latter case the program works without administrator access rights.

The key benefits of TeamViewer remote support solution:

✓ The ability to connect to the computer remotely and get full access to its functionality (including the use of keyboard shortcuts and other);

✓ Intuitive interface;

✓ Gives the ability to easily access remote machines located miles away while staying at home or in another office;

✓ Highly secure data transfer between computers that are protected by a firewall;

✓ Mutual remote access, simple file transfer in both directions;

What is remote assistance?

Remote assistance refers to the process where a specialist connects to an end‑user's computer remotely (via a local network or the Internet) to help them resolve a problem on their local machine without having to talk the user through confusing procedures on the phone or making an on-site visit.

To establish this connection, technicians usually use special software which allows accessing a remote computer wirelessly regardless of its location and immediately fixing complex issues, the solution of which over the phone would take considerably more time.

Remote assistance software

Try HelpWire

Some modern operating systems can offer a remote assistance program as a built-in option, but due to the limited functionality, users more often opt for the dedicated third-party utilities supporting a wider range of sophisticated features.

The advantages of remote assistance:

  1. Efficiency

    To provide the remote assistance service, a support technician does not need to go to the client's location (office or home), which allows optimizing the speed of reaction to customer issues. As a result, the specialist is able to service more customers in a shorter period of time;

  2. Saving time and money

    As there’s no need to be physically present at the client’s site, specialists, as well as customers, save significant money and time.

  3. Low requirements for a communication channel and hardware

    Modern software is optimized for working over communication channels with low bandwidth - you can remotely connect not only via ADSL but also via GPRS and even dial-up. Also, the remote support tools usually do not require a powerful computer - a usual office machine will be enough;

  4. High level of security

    All transmitted data (images on the screen, text and voice messages) is usually encrypted using reliable crypto algorithms. Also, there can be password protection and filtering of access by IP-addresses (that is you can allow access only for particular computers and subnets);

  5. Full access to a remote computer

    The remote support software gives the way to perform remote assistance in several ways, including remote computer management, assisting, browsing the desktop, copying files to the user's computer and back, administration, etc.

How to choose a software for remote assistance

The above section highlighted the remote support tools that gained the popularity as highly secure and efficient solutions. However, the list of remote tech assistance services available in the market today is much wider and hence choosing the one that will perfectly fit your workflow can become a really daunting task. Obviously, you will try to do some remote support tools comparison in order to select the best solution for your business or enterprise. And here we provide five important factors to consider before making a choice.

The free trial option

Whether you are looking for a remote support tool for a small business or big enterprise it would be a good idea to first start free trials or sign up for basic unpaid plans of several popular remote tech support solutions. This approach will let you evaluate the functionality and key characteristics of each program. To start, you can test the platforms presented in our review (HelpWire, Zoho Assist, TeamViewer, etc).

Types of remote support apps

As its name suggests, remote access is meant to provide businesses with an access technology solution allowing both cutting costs and improving the productivity. Therefore, choosing the right type of remote support technology is of primary importance to any company.

Remote support products can be generally divided into three main categories:

  • Free/Low-cost apps. There are some free or extremely affordable utilities which offer stable performance and a set of efficient features. Mostly, these apps are based on Virtual Network Computing and include both server and client components.
  • Commercial solutions. Probably the main difference between commercial remote desktop support tools and VNC (and remote desktop apps) is that they come with a remote client program able to communicate with and access nearly any device. Plus, they can offer some advanced out-of-the-box functionality, like multi-monitor support, compliance policies, and other.
  • Cloud-hosted tools. This type of remote support solutions is becoming more and more common these days. The reason is that cloud-hosted tools don’t need to be installed, updated, or maintained on customer machines. Just a web browser and a stable Internet connection are required to enable access.

Core capabilities of remote support software

The manufacturers of remote support applications are focused on providing their solutions with a dream-like feature list. Below are just some of the basic options you can find in a modern high-quality product.

  • Connectivity. First of all, the provider should offer a friendly app that can be easily accessed and used on virtually any device. Then, it should be able to work over the Internet and maintain network connection during long sessions carried out by technicians. It would also be great if the app didn’t require any installation effort to be invested by the user. From an agent’s perspective, a remote assistance platform should support multi-session working and allow access to sessions without admin approval.
  • Smooth Sessions. To be productive, a remote support session needs to be visible, controllable, and open for attendance by multiple users. At the same time, your solution should also support non-intrusive sessions that can be recorded locally. This will allow customers to keep files, folders, and real-time screenshots for the future use. As for the operator side, it is nice when the tool offers customizable screen view, so agents can alter it to their purposes while staying in full-screen mode to keep the user fully engaged.
  • Easy integration. Another critical criterion is product customization and integration. It’s not rare that a remote support tool needs to be implemented within a particular business project. Customization, in this case, means partial, if not total modification of the app according to your company’s specific requirements.
  • Security. One of the first questions on any customer mind is whether they should allow you to access their local data or not. Prior to giving you the right to enter their local system, users usually try to get familiar with the security policy offered by your remote support service.

Most advanced support systems deploy multiple security codes and compliances, like HIPAA, 256-bit AES encryption, PCI, video auditing, passwords, SSL layers, SQLite storage, separate session codes, etc.

  • Efficiency

    Traveling to customer sites rather than offering remote tech support is generally not an efficient use of your time. The time that could be profitably billed to a client is spent stuck in traffic jams or making return visits to the same troublesome sites. If you offered remote diagnostics you might get away with a short phone call rather than a thirty-mile drive to get the issue resolved. You would definitely get more work done and have the opportunity for more billable hours by adding remote technician support to your customer care portfolio. Some of your clients may need a little education to enable them to use your remote support system, but the time spent in teaching them will be repaid many times over when you can resolve their problems from the comfort of your office.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Changing from an onsite support philosophy to a remote support service can lead to substantial financial savings for your business. First of all, you will not be wasting fuel as you sit in traffic and travel back and forth to customer sites. Less mileage on your vehicle is another advantage that will make it last longer before needing to be replaced. Your auto insurance rates should be stable as there is less chance to get in an accident if you are not spending half of your day traveling to client sites. Other expenses add up over course of a month spent performing onsite support. Using remote support tools let you save on business attire, eating out, and even mobile data plans which all contribute to your bottom line.

  • Client-friendly

    Your support model needs to consider the benefits that your customers can enjoy by your use of free remote support software that gives you visibility into your product at any client location. Your customer can now get your support without having to use someone’s valuable time to escort you to the equipment that needs attention. There will be no need for negotiating over what time is best for your arrival. Even after careful planning, you can run into issues when arriving at the client’s facility that can lead to hurried work or less than optimal conditions. Both you and the customer win by the use of remote support software.

  • Multi-tasking

    Multi-tasking is pretty much out of the question if you are performing support at a client site. But if you take advantage of remote assistance software you can support multiple customers simultaneously. You certainly won’t be billing all clients fully when using this type of remote access to perform online repair functions, but you will get more done in the same amount of time by having multiple remote sessions open at the same time.

  • Faster response time

    By employing remote support into your business model, you will be able to provide your clients with much faster response times when they have an issue that demands your attention. The ability to quickly connect to your client’s site and address the problem can be a determining factor in the customer adopting your solution for their business. The fact that you will offer support in an extremely timely manner can lead to increased business for your enterprise as well as many satisfied clients.

Hopefully, you have found our overview of best remote support tools helpful in solving the issues related to remote assistance service. Now that you are ready to do a comprehensive research, you can compare all most popular remote support tools and take your pick.


Our efficient software will let you access remote equipment over any network. Enjoy multiple advantages of remote product support with our custom solution designed for your needs.
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