Top 5 tools for remote support and diagnostic

It's a well-known fact that traditional onsite visits are not always the most efficient model of customer support. Today, IT professionals, as well as their customers, tend to choose solutions which maximally reduce the time, effort, and money investment in technical support. In this regard, remote support service is seen as a rapidly growing trend. In this article, we'll consider the most popular remote assistance solutions that allow controlling and troubleshooting customer systems and devices from a distance.


  • HelpWire
  • Bomgar
  • TeamViewer
  • Splashtop
  • Rescue
  • Remote support benefits
  • Current remote support capabilities are much more sophisticated than simply carrying on conversations over the phone. Today, technical specialists tend to deliver fully managed remote tech support for its customers around the clock and around the globe from their locations. To offer an online repair service, tech experts rely on advanced remote assistance software that provides access to chat, co-browsing, screen sharing, files transfer and dozens of other technologies that now make it possible for almost any technical issue to be resolved completely and remotely. So, let's take a closer look at the most efficient remote support tools available today.
    tools for remote support and diagnostic


    HelpWire is a remote support software that allows troubleshooting experts to run remote diagnostics and testing of their clients’ systems and hardware, administer fixes for customer issues, and even perform remote preventative maintenance to get ahead of potential issues down the line. The solution supports all types of USB and COM port devices.

    How does HelpWire work?

    With the software installed on both the technician's and client's machines, it's possible to access any remote device over the Internet. Once a customer connects a malfunctioning device to their computer, this remote peripheral appears in the expert's PC as though it was attached to the machine directly.

    The advantages of HelpWire:

  • HelpWire is a unique solution that offers an extensive range of remote support features, including efficient diagnostic tools, live chat, and remote control capabilities.
  • The software can be customized to fit specific requirements of virtually any software application or hardware device: from PCs to smartphones, tablets, and servers.
  • The solution is based on an advanced port virtualization technology and is compatible with different platforms, like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android.
  • On top of that, the significant advantage of the software is its ability to work with an unlimited number of remote devices simultaneously.
  • Bomgar

    If you want to optimize the interaction with your customers and provide them with fast and reliable remote technician support, Bomgar will easily help you do this. Bomgar is a remote assistance solution for leading enterprises.


  • With Bomgar, you get totally secure connections ensured by two-factor authentication, advanced encryption, granular permissions, and more.
  • Above that, the screen sharing option offered by this service lets troubleshooting experts see the full screen of a remote device and deliver fast fixes to their issues.
  • Plus, Bomgar will allow you to add chat support to your platform, so that you can communicate with your customers even more efficiently.
  • Cons:

    On the flip side, the solution works only with tablets, mobile devices, kiosks, and ATMs running on Android, iOS or Chromebook. If you need to maintain a USB or serial port device of any other kind, it's better to choose HelpWire, which is not limited by the range of supported devices.


    TeamViewer is a solution for remote desktop access that supports cross-platform connections between computers and mobile devices.


  • This remote customer support tool can be run on a large number of platforms, ranging from the most advanced systems equipped with the latest operating systems to older versions of devices with their OSes.
  • TeamViewer supports more than 30 languages and allows working with multilingual keyboards, which significantly facilitates international communications.
  • The program offers efficient bandwidth usage, high speed of data transfer, hardware acceleration, and automatic adjustment of quality.
  • Splashtop

    Splashtop is a remote support service which lets the supporter and the client:

  • work together via live chat
  • transfer files between computers
  • establish connections between Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android platforms
  • More than that, all connections, file transfers, and management events are logged by the solution.

    Rescue by LogMeIn

    To offer remote tech support services to multiple clients at a time, you can also try Rescue by LogMeIn. This remote assistance tool gives a service provider the ability to fully control the machine they're trying to fix and perform tasks as if they were using their client's devices directly.


  • With this solution, you can run up to 10 remote sessions simultaneously which will let you considerably improve your productivity.
  • Rescue makes it possible to access a remote computer even if there's no user there.
  • Remote support benefits

    Let’s investigate why offering remote customer support can be advantageous to both you and your clients.


    Traveling to customer sites rather than offering remote tech support is generally not an efficient use of your time. The time that could be profitably billed to a client is spent stuck in traffic jams or making return visits to the same troublesome sites. If you offered remote diagnostics you might get away with a short phone call rather than a thirty-mile drive to get the issue resolved. You would definitely get more work done and have the opportunity for more billable hours by adding remote technician support to your customer care portfolio. Some of your clients may need a little education to enable them to use your remote support system, but the time spent in teaching them will be repaid many times over when you can resolve their problems from the comfort of your office.


    Changing from an onsite support philosophy to a remote support service can lead to substantial financial savings for your business. First of all, you will not be wasting fuel as you sit in traffic and travel back and forth to customer sites. Less mileage on your vehicle is another advantage that will make it last longer before needing to be replaced. Your auto insurance rates should be stable as there is less chance to get in an accident if you are not spending half of your day traveling to client sites. Other expenses add up over course of a month spent performing onsite support. Using remote support tools let you save on business attire, eating out, and even mobile data plans which all contribute to your bottom line.


    Your support model needs to consider the benefits that your customers can enjoy by your use of free remote support software that gives you visibility into your product at any client location. Your customer can now get your support without having to use someone’s valuable time to escort you to the equipment that needs attention. There will be no need for negotiating over what time is best for your arrival. Even after careful planning, you can run into issues when arriving at the client’s facility that can lead to hurried work or less than optimal conditions. Both you and the customer win by the use of remote support software.


    Multi-tasking is pretty much out of the question if you are performing support at a client site. But if you take advantage of remote assistance software you can support multiple customers simultaneously. You certainly won’t be billing all clients fully when using this type of remote access to perform online repair functions, but you will get more done in the same amount of time by having multiple remote sessions open at the same time.

    Faster response time

    By employing remote support into your business model, you will be able to provide your clients with much faster response times when they have an issue that demands your attention. The ability to quickly connect to your client’s site and address the problem can be a determining factor in the customer adopting your solution for their business. The fact that you will offer support in an extremely timely manner can lead to increased business for your enterprise as well as many satisfied clients.


    Our efficient software will let you access remote equipment over any network. Enjoy multiple advantages of remote product support with our custom solution designed for your needs.