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Use 3D mouse over RDP

Olga Weis Olga Weis Oct 18, 2021

Anyone utilizing 3D modeling programs knows that 3D mice are fantastic additions to their workflow. From SketchUp, to ZBrush, to so many more, this tool adds efficiency, comfort, and fluidity for 3D modeling professionals and hobbyists alike.

3dconnexion spacemouse

Why Use a 3D Mouse?

They allow modelers to fluidly manipulate the “camera” along 6 axes (pulling, pushing, twisting, and even tilting pucks connected to the top of a 3D mouse.)

A 3D mouse remains stationary when in use, and doesn’t function by moving around a mouse pad like a typical desktop mouse.

While the basic functions of 3D mouse are homogenous, there’s a vast selection of added features to choose from.

3Dconnection is a great example, as it’s quite popular amongst users because it creates 3D interface devices for CAD. It also has exceptional visualization software that puts the user experience at the forefront, providing reliability, functionality, and control.

Use a 3Dconnexion mouse with the Solidworks software in an RDP session

If you are a happy owner of such a device or planning to purchase one, sooner or later you will come across a situation when you need to access a 3D mouse over remote desktop. The catch here is that remote protocols do not support USB devices. What do you do then? How do you access 3D mouse in RDP or is there a way to share 3D mouse in this environment? There is.

All you need is a USB redirector that will allow you to reach out to 3D mouse over remote desktop, USB for Remote Desktop is a software solution that enables you to do just that.
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USB Network Gate

Remote USB redirection for 3D Mouse
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USB Network Gate

How to use 3D mouse with remote desktop

Download and install USB Network Gate on the machine that needs access to 3D mouse via RDP and the machine that provides such access.
Use USB cable to connect the mouse, now navigate to ‘Devices’ and find the mouse in the list of available devices.
 UNG local usb device
Click ‘Settings’ next to it and see if there is anything you need to change – port numbers, encryption, etc., click ‘Share’ next.
 share 3d mouse usb
Now the mouse is displayed in the list of shared devices on machines that have USB Network Gate installed on them – locate it in ‘Devices’ list and click ‘Connect’.
 remote 3d mouse connect
That’s it - 3D mouse in the remote desktop is now available for you to use.

The user-friendly interface of this 3D mouse redirector is a pleasant bonus that makes working with USB Network Gate an enjoyable experience, especially when sharing other devices like gaming controllers. Here you can find a handy article on how to connect gaming controller over RDP.

And one more thing if you work in the multi-user environment and would like to isolate your 3D mouse from other remote desktop sessions? For that, USB Network Gate offers the advanced feature of USB device isolation that will allow you to make the shared 3D mouse only available to you.

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USB Network Gate

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    . 9.33MB of free space.
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